What is a abiogenetic synthesis theory?

Because these laevorotary and dextrorotary amino acids produced in the Miller-Urey experiment are otherwise chemically identical, they would be statistically equally likely to be incorporated into a proposed protein being built through abiogenetic processes, and hence any protein formed as a result of an early earth Miller-Urey type process would be completely useless, and would not have provided the material to give us life as we know it to universally be.Thus, despite all the hype from evolutionists, the Miller-Urey experiment (and the Oro experiment, which suffers from the exact same problem of racemic products...nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA, all need to be dextrorotary) really accomplished little more than to present a very inefficient means of synthesising amino acids, one which will not be applied commercially any time soon.

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The problem with most scenarios of abiogenesis is that the thermodynamic equilibrium of amino acid versus peptides is in the direction of separate amino acids. What has been missing is some force that drives polymerization. The resolution of this problem may well be in the properties of . Polyphosphates are formed by polymerization of ordinary monophosphate ions PO4−3. Several mechanisms for such polymerization have been suggested. Polyphosphates cause polymerization of amino acids into peptides[citation needed]. They are also logical precursors in the synthesis of such key biochemical compounds as ATP. A key issue seems to be that calcium reacts with soluble phosphate to form insoluble (), so some plausible mechanism must be found to keep calcium ions from causing precipitation of phosphate. There has been much work on this topic over the years, but an interesting new idea is that meteorites may have introduced reactive phosphorus species on the early earth.


“Simple models do not take into account the necessary starting complexity of life as a whole, while more complex models depart from the original idea of non-telic non-agent-based abiogenetic synthesis: the more complex the model, the further it defeats the naturalistic purpose to represent life as ‘just a bit more complicated’ chemistry.”

is likely that the actual abiogenetic synthesis took several million years.
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