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Treatment options for patients with severe attrition resulting in reduced occlusal vertical dimension are often limited to fixed prosthesis to reestablish proper occlusal vertical dimension and functional occlusion. In some cases such as when there are limited finances, minimal esthetic concerns, and medical considerations fixed prosthesis may not be the ideal treatment option. Overlay removable partial dentures (ORPDs) can be used as a provisional or interim prosthesis as well as permanent prosthesis in these cases. While ORPDs can provide a reversible and relatively inexpensive treatment for patients with a significantly compromised dental status, there is not much scientific evidence in the literature on ORPDs. Most studies published on ORPDs to date are primarily reviews and clinical reports. In this article, literatures on ORPDs are summarized and a patient treated with interim and permanent ORPDs is presented. This article reviews previously published literatures on the use of ORPDs. Indications, advantages and disadvantages are discussed. Treatment protocol with an example of the prosthodontic treatment of a patient with severely worn dentition with an interim ORPD and later a permanent ORPD are discussed in details.

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The patient did not have financial capacity for options #1, 2, or 3. The patient however was interested in option #4. The patient was informed that this was not the ideal treatment option and esthetics might be significantly compromised with this option. He was also informed that fabrication of his prostheses would require restoring his VDO with interim occlusal overlay prosthesis, and these interim prostheses would be required for at least 6 weeks prior to initiation of definitive cast partial dentures to determine if patient comfortable with the increased VDO. Patient was fully informed of all risks/benefits/alternatives and decided on therapy option #4.

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The maxillary interim acrylic partial denture and mandibular overlay partial denture were fabricated after minimally preparing the occlusal surfaces of mandibular anterior teeth minimally to allow flat, smooth surface for mandibular RPD framework adaptation. Impressions were made with alginate (Jeltrate, Dentsply International, York, PA, USA) to fabricate definitive casts for the interim dentures. The appropriate VDO was determined using interocclusal distance, vertical dimension of rest (VDR) and sibilant sound (Figs. -). These casts were crossed mounted with the diagnostic casts using occlusion rims and polyvinyl siloxane registration material (Regisil, Dentsply International, York, PA, USA) at the centric relation (CR) position. Wax setup of denture teeth were tried in to evaluate VDO using the VDR, interocclusal space, and phonetic methods. The interim dentures were then processed in heat-cured acrylic resin. Note that tooth color acrylic resin was used in the anterior portion of the mandibular interim denture. Laboratory remount and equilibration was performed prior to delivery. During the delivery visit, VDO and centric occlusion (CO) were verified. The dentures were adjusted to proper VDO and CO. The patient was instructed to wear these dentures all day and to remove them at night time. The patient was follow-up at one-, four-, and six-week postoperative visits. At each visit minor adjustment of the denture base was made. However, the patient reported no muscle or TMJ tenderness. He also reported that he was comfortable and functioned well with these prostheses.

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