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A quick search of the internet will find numerous pages that will help you to interpret a specific dream you may have had. Sometimes our dreams can be disturbing and this causes us to seek out a specific reason why such a nightmare occurred. Instead of trying to interpret a dream literally or using the components of the dream to find some sort of meaning, the Activation Synthesis Dream Theory suggests that there is no universal standard in place.

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The human brain remains active even while people are sleeping. The activation synthesis process suggests that a dream is therefore caused by the physiological processes that are happening while someone is unconscious. There is a wide variety of neural activity that continues to happen while you sleep.

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The Activation Synthesis Dream Theory is an attempt to explain why it is that humans dream. It is a question that scientists, philosophers, and clergy have attempted to solve for thousands of years. Under this theory, dreams are an attempt by the brain to make sense of neural activity which occurs while people sleep.

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What is notable about the Activation Synthesis Dream Theory is the fact that it looks at the biological processes of dreaming instead of attempting to interpret what the meaning of a dream may be. If you’re dreaming about going to school in your underwear, this theory says the content is illogical and a specific meaning shouldn’t be associated with it.