Prologue - Vicuña ALPACAS: SYNTHESIS OF A MIRACLE By Mike Safley

Another question you should ask any breeder that you buy stock from is: what are you going to do to help me after I buy these alpacas from you? At Northwest Alpacas we have an answer to that question. Everyone who buys stock from us becomes part of our network. This means we offer comprehensive after sale resources. For a detailed discussion of what it means to be part of the Northwest Alpacas Network, please visit our .

Alpacas - Synthesis of a miracle

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Alpacas : synthesis of a miracle (Book, 2001) …

By way of example, alpaca shows have a class called Get-of-Sire where three offspring are shown together, hopefully representing the male's production capacity. As a breeder looking to purchase a replacement male, would you rather base your buying decision on the three offspring that the exhibitor brought to the show or a complete survey of the cria from the stud's production? The idea of the member site would be to provide as complete a record of the certified herdsires cria as possible.

Book Review – Alpacas – Synthesis of a Miracle by Mike Safley.

It is with a heavy heart that I publish thisissue of the Alpaca Journal. Don Julio Barreda passed on to heaven onMarch 28, 2006. I have penned a tribute to his life and narrated a slideshow which you can view by clicking here This entireissue of the Alpaca journal is devoted to Don Julio. You will find anumber of articles about Accoyo and Don Julio’s life with alpacas. Theyare listed below. I have a few copies of Alpacas: Synthesis of a Miracleleft which recount the history of Accoyo which can be reviewed by clicking here: Thismonth’s articles are: We have alsoadded several images to our photo gallery and that you might find enjoyable.

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For a complete discussion of progeny testing, see Alpacas: Synthesis of a Miracle

- Alpacas - Synthesis of a Miracle

Alpacas - "Synthesis of A Miracle" ..

Alpacas: synthesis of a miracle.