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So, if you are given a task to compose a good piece of argumentative writing, then this article is for you. We will talk about the way to compose a killer argumentative essay, its components as well as good topics to cover.

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I think the biggest cause of divorce is people getting married too soon.

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Inabilityto Address ProblemsAllcouples fight, but not all couples get divorced. When a problemarises, it is incumbent upon both individuals in a marriage toattempt to resolve the issue at hand. An inability to do so canresult in the accumulation of frustration and ill-feeling. Asmentioned before, this is associated with an inability on bothpartners' ends to understand the other. For your thesis statement,a good idea could be to look at the reasons why partners often failto make each other feel respected and/or heard.

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For your thesis statement ondivorce, you may not be looking to highlight any of the causes,but rather the effects of divorce. Here also, there are many aspectsthat you may find profitable to investigate. So now that you haveformed a general idea of the causes that contribute to divorce, it'stime to consider the consequences. A few are highlighted down below.

As it stands the noncustodial parent can face loss of visitation, probation, and even jail time for none payment of child support.

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Contrary to popular belief,infidelity (romantic or sexual) actually ranks relatively low in thereasons for couples getting divorced. You are free to choose thistopic, of course, but take a moment to consider the other causeswhich rank much higher and can make for a more accessible thesisstatement. Some of these are lack of communication, lack of personalspace, differing goals, lack of intimacy, an inability to adequatelyaddress problems, and finally, a common top culprit, financialissues. We will have a brief look at each of these in turn.

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While the causes and effects ofdivorce are great points to develop your thesis statement ondivorce upon, a less-explored trajectory in this field is theperception of divorce in society as a whole. It can therefore providemore space and flexibility to you in developing your paper aboutdivorce. Perception of divorce may vary greatly from one region toanother. How is it perceived in your country?

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Lackof Personal SpaceWeall need our alone time. This is especially important in a marriageas, once married, a person's life becomes merged with another's. In your thesis statement, you may find it easy to examine the waysthat couples sometimes become codependent upon each other. Perhapshighlight the lack of individual interests and passions in marriedcouples and how that leads to a loss of individuality.

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Effectson ChildrenWhile not all divorced couples have childrenfactored into the equation, most do. It is generally agreed thatchildren often feel the blow even harder than their parents. However,recent research has shown that such notions may actually beexaggerated. Now, conflict seems to be the most prominent factorfiguring in children's adjustment to their parents' divorce, insome cases even over residential custody. Endeavoring to provide asolution to these problems could be the focus of your thesisstatement.

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FinancialProblemsIf money was a problem when the couple wasmarried, it is likely to be an even more pressing issue following adivorce, at least for one of the parties involved. It's simple:where the burden of expenses was shared (at least to some extent)before, now it must be borne individually. While the expensesincrease twofold, the resources remain the same. You may dig intothese issues to form a thesis statement.