(1992) Visualization in radiotherapy planning

* Professional Achievements: I have played the role of scopist and proofreader in a couple of extremely difficult and challenging criminal cases throughout the life of the trial.

With the modified transcription, an F-score of 81.7 % was obtained.

(1990) The Use Of Formal Description Techniques For The Design Of High Level Protocol Conversion

depos, doctor depos, domestic matters, car accidents, etc.

Although most of my time over the years has been spent processing Deposition transcripts, I also have attained a great deal of expertise processing Arbitrations, Hearings, Court Trial transcripts and more.

I have worked in the legal and medical fields as a transcriptionist.

Whatever it is you're looking for, whether it be scoping or audio transcription or proofreading or anything in between, I am interested in discussing your needs!

Each broadcast had a transcription, which was used as a reference when evaluating the results.

I will treat your transcripts as if they were my own.

I'd like to say that I understand how hard it is for reporters to relinquish control over their transcripts to another person, whether it be because of concern regarding their writing, doubt that someone else really cares as much as they do about the transcript, or if it's really worth their time.

I have a BA in English and a good command of the english language.

506, Orlando, FL 32812 Equipment: 6.4,, ExpressScribe, FTR/The Record Player Description: In 1983 I became affiliated with the unique world of court reporters beginning as a transcriber completing dictated audiotapes (reporters dictated from their paper notes), and when computers became the way to go, I moved on to proofreading and scoping.

I started transcribing in 1981, then converted to scoping in 1989.

As experience goes, I've been working in the Federal Courts for over 27 years and I'm very familiar with transcripts as I am reading transripts and pleadings daily.

(2006) A Strategy for parameter specification in the Context of Discriminant Analysis

Will work with you to turn out the type of transcript YOU want.

Milwaukee - , Company: E-mail: Address: Milwaukee, 53213 Equipment: Description: Court Reporter with four years experience looking to take on a permanent reporters to pass the time.

Norman, Howard Allan. The Cree personal name: Thesis (M.A.) Indiana University; 1977. GR 999 .N842.

I've been proofreading transcripts for the past 5 years.

Montell, William Lynwood. Supernatural tales collected from Negroes and Whites in Monroe and Cumberland Counties, Kentucky: Thesis (M.A.) Indiana University; 1963. GR999 .M776.

I have a very extensive background in the English language, and punctuation is my specialty.

There is no transcript I won't scope.

I am presently doing legal transcription work (audiotapes, micro cassettes, videotapes, DVDs and CDs) and proofreading for the official county court reporting group at our local courthouse, along with scoping on .