There were many more miracles performed in the Bible.

 - The Book of Job in the Bible does not have a specific author named, however it is believed that either Job himself, Elihu, Moses or Solomon wrote it.

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 - As one of the most eloquent books of the Bible, the Book of Psalms contains 150 poems, representing the entire range of religious behaviors that one should embody in order to effectively practice their faith.

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- Research on Revelation, the last book of the Bible, examines the spiritual nuances of this futuristic work. Expert religion and epistemology writers can help you write your research paper on this most difficult book of the Bible.

According to the Bible, Cain is the "tiller of the ground" (Genesis 4:2).

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Introduction: Does the Bible seem to be a good place to learn abouthuman emotions? Consider which says that the"fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness andself-control." How many of those fruits are either emotions orclosely connected to emotion? Anyone who has read Robert Whitaker'sbook, Anatomy of an Epidemic, has serious doubts about consultingscience to cure emotional and mental problems. His book describesthe fact that in the United States we have a huge increase in thenumber of emotionally impaired people which began with thedevelopment of drugs to treat mental problems. His thesis is thatusing the current drugs is like throwing rocks into a sophisticatedmachine. Drugs simply make the problem worse. Whether or not sciencehas the answers I am not qualified to say, but let's jump into ourseries of studies to see what answers are in the Bible!

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 - In the Bible, the Book of Joel is a short account of the punishments that can be brought against those who do not have faith in God, and the benefits that can be given to those that do.

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Bruce Cameron reviews PC Study Bible and Logos, the two Bible study software programs he uses to prepare the GoBible lessons. to learn more about these helpful Bible study tools.

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Subtle differences in wording should be overlooked; the concerns here are obvious such as totally different wording and missing/extra phrases, etc. Normally the problems will be few and the variations minor. For the New Testament, a good resource is Bruce Metzger, (United Bible Society, 1978).

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