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The second blames irresponsible agitators and a “blundering generation” of political leaders for bringing about a war that could and should have been avoided.In “The Road to Disunion: Secessionists Triumphant,” the conclusion of a two-volume account of the Civil War’s origins, William W.

the Randall "Blundering Generation" article, ..

Farther south, where wood was available for fuel, smokecould have presented something of aproblem.

The Blundering Generation Revisited

Asimov's essay goes on to suggest that miracles by Godare a more likely solution to the catastrophes recorded in the Bible: "thehypothesis that divine intervention caused the miracles." In later recollections by Sagan in (1979),however unbelievably, the television-personality astronomer accusedVelikovsky of religious delusions: "Velikovsky attempts to rescue not onlyreligion but also astrology." Although presented as ridicule, that statement incorporates the hiddenfear of the astronomers and scientists: that Velikovsky's book was aneffort to tie science and astronomy to Bible fundamentalism -- just whenthe scientists had thought they had rescued humanity from such blunderingbehavior and superstitions.

James G. Randall (Author of The Civil War and …

Based on a system of slavery, the social structure of the South was far more stratified and patriarchal than that of the North. In 1850, there were around 350,000 slaveholders in a total free southern population of about six million. Among slaveholders, the concentration of slave ownership was unevenly distributed. Perhaps around seven percent of slaveholders owned roughly three-quarters of the slave population. The largest slaveholders, generally owners of large plantations, represented the top stratum of southern society. They benefited from and needed large numbers of slaves on big plantations to produce profitable labor-intensive crops like cotton. This plantation-owning elite, known as "slave magnates," was comparable to the millionaires of the following century.

Plays presented in Natchez (Adams Co.) by traveling theater companies.

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In popular mainstream astrophysics the "plasmasphere" isfrequently represented as consisting only of the Van Allen belts, anequatorial toroidal region of charged particles surrounding the Earth.

Spurgeon: Like other works of this author—of considerable value

It seems to have been universally assumed thatthe thunderbolts result instantaneously from sensing a difference inpotential, perhaps because one sentence follows directly on the other.

Lash, Jeffrey N.

A Blundering Generation or an ..

Brundage, W. Fitzhugh, ed. Under Sentence of Death: Lynching in the South. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1997. ix, 330 pp.

Plays presented in Jackson; based entirely on advertisements and reviews in the Jackson Daily News and Clarion-Ledger.

"The Blundering Generation," expresses that idea.

Social and economic analysis concludes that the farm, rather than the plantation, was the "basic agricultural unit," that the economies of Mississippi and the seaboard South were fundamentally dissimilar, and that poor whites represented a small minority of farmers; based on the author's Ph.D. dissertation, "The Agricultural Population of Mississippi, 1850-1860," Vanderbilt University, 1941.

So, if you need to ask me: none of the information presented here hasbeen published as scientific opinions in peer-reviewed professionaljournals.

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A party that represented the true majority in the nation, he argued, was consistent with the ideals of representative government and republicanism, especially in opposition to those who sought to undermine such principles.