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The specific objectives were: to (1)identify and study the watershed problems in the river basin along with thecauses and consequences; (2) determine the degree of importance or seriousnessof problem consequences; and (3) prescribe watershed management strategies, andrecommend measures to ensure effective implementation of such strategies.

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Effects on respiration and on the performance of broilers and replacement growing stock.

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The treatments used in the study were: TA- 45 days decomposition of collected chicken manure, TB - 35 days decompositionof collected chicken manure, TC - 25 days decomposition of collectedchicken manure and TD - 15 days decomposition of collected chickenmanure.

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The Randomized Complete BlockDesign was used in the study with the following treatments: Ta-control (no manure), Tb- swine manure, Tc- chicken dung,and Td- carabao manure.

Comparative Study on the Performance of Broilers with and WithoutIpil-ipil Soilage.

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In a similar study (Quarles & Kling, 1974), exposure of broiler chicks to 17.5 or 35 mg/m3 (25 or 50 ppm) from the 4th to the 6th week resulted in the observation of severe airsacculitis at 6 and 8 weeks of age.

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The earliest reported thorough study of the pH dependence of ammonia toxicity was that of Chipman (1934), who concluded from studies on goldfish, amphipods, and cladocerans that ammonia toxicity was a function of pH and therefore of the concentration of undissociated ammonia in the solution.

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In a second study, Marschang & Petre (1971) measured the ammonia concentrations in the air of 3 cattle-fattening facilities in Romania in which the animals were being fed in total confinement; the capacities of the 3 operations were 3000, 3000, and 4900 animals.

Whenever possible; results of thisstudy are presented in terms of their application to management of thesespecies in tree plantation.

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The Askov Long-Term Experiment station in Denmark was originally set up in 1894 to study the role of animal manure versus inorganic fertilizers on soil fertility.

Magnitude of Soil Erosion as Affected by Type of Slope, Management Practice andVegetal Cover (Study Conducted in the Philippines).

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In another study, exposure of human subjects to 14 mg ammonia/m3 (20 ppm), for a duration of 8 h, revealed a statistically-significant increase in BUN (from 23.9 to 30 mg%) (Kustov, 1967).

In view of the result of the study, swine manureapplication is recommended for four -month old Bagras seedlings.

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In determining thebest method of hastening seed germination and the soil mixture suitable for thegrowth of acacia mangium trees, nurserymen and researchers would be encouragedto generate technology for its possible large scale propagation, hence, thestudy was conducted.