Carbon dioxide in photosynthesis

An easily recoverable and efficient naturalbiopolymer-supported zinc chloride catalyst system for the chemicalfixation of carbon dioxide to cyclic carbonate.

The carbon dioxide content in air is ca.

T1 - Synthesis of the first carbon dioxide coordinated palladium(0) complex, Pd(η2-CO2)(PMePh2)2

Copolymerization of carbondioxide and epoxide.

So we can summarize by saying that the photosynthetic plantstrap solar energy to form ATP and NADPH (Light Phase) and thenuse these as the energy source to make carbohydrates and otherbiomolecules from carbon dioxide and water (Dark Phase),simultaneously releasing oxygen in to the atmosphere. Thechemoheterotrophic animals reverse this process by using theoxygen to degrade the energy-rich organic products ofphotosynthesis to CO2 and water in order to generate ATP fortheir own synthesis of biomolecules.

Versatile useof carbon dioxide in the synthesis of carbamates.

()We report the synthesis of carbon dioxide on an amorphous carbon-13substrate coated with amorphous water ice from irradiation with 100 keVprotons at 20 K and 120 K.

Carbon dioxide: a renewable feedstock for thesynthesis of fine and bulk chemicals[J].

Iron-catalyzed photoreduction of carbon dioxide to synthesis ..

We are exploring the efficient synthetic processfor poly(hydroxyurethane) and the applications to materials for electronicdevices, adhesive, and so forth.

Detail of the works before 2005 is described in the following review.Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Disulfide as Resources for Functional Polymers.
Ochiai, B.; Endo, T.

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The energy required for this concurrent reaction is almost competitive with either of the reactions (i.e., radical polymerization of GMA or reaction of carbon dioxide with epoxide), and it indicates that carbon dioxide could be transformed by low energy cost.

Synthesis and application of poly(hydroxyurethane) prepared by polyadditionof five-membered cyclic carbonates and diamines

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We discussradiation-induced oxidation by reactions of radicals in water with thecarbon surface and demonstrate that these reactions can be a significantsource of condensed carbon dioxide in interstellar grains and in icysatellites in the outer solar system.

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Therefor these two (Light and Dark) phases are interlinked andcomplimentary. And in the end, the plants have utilized theenergy of sunlight to produce glucose (and ultimately othercarbohydrates, proteins and fats) and oxygen from water andcarbon dioxide.

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Photosynthesis converts these energy- depleted compounds (ADPand NADP+) back to the high energy forms (ATP and NADPH) and theenergy thus produced in this chemical form is utilized to drivethe chemical reactions necessary for synthesis of sugars andother carbon containing compounds (e.g., proteins, fats). Theproduction of high energy ATP and NADPH in plants occurs in whatis known as Light Phase Reactions (Z Scheme) (requiressunlight). The energy releasing reactions which converts themback to energy-depleted ADP and NADP is known as Dark PhaseReactions (Calvin Cycle) (does not require light) in whichthe synthesis of glucose and other carbohydrates occurs.