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According to Czarnik: "The motivating theme for combinatorial chemistrymight be to be able to make a million variants of any structural template andscreen them. Cheaper and faster are better. When we can accomplish thiswithin aweek, then perhaps the intellectual challenges will be gone. However, I canassure you that we are far, far from that vision today."

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On the other hand, Czarnik said, "a lot of combinatorial papers arepublished without any characterization of the compounds and even without adescription of the experimental method, so people can't repeat the work easily.I think this new journal has a good chance of addressing these problems bysetting publication guidelines for the field, which up to now has just beenlikethe Wild West."

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Although peptide and oligonucleotide libraries are still very much ofinterest, the combinatorial field has gravitated toward libraries of druglikesmall organic molecules. In the early 1990s, the groups of chemistry professorJonathan A. Ellman of the University of California, Berkeley, and organicchemist Sheila H. DeWitt, then at Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research, AnnArbor, Mich. (now director of business development at Orchid Biocomputer,Princeton, N.J.), independently worked out some of the earliest techniques forproducing small-molecule libraries.

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Presentation Summary : Traveling Salesman Problem ... Proven not only to be difficult, ... for solving NP-hard combinatorial problems Ant Colony Optimization Simulation and ...

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To the extent that combinatorial efforts are centered in industry, saidHoughten, "the reason is almost entirely economic. To make 100,000individual compounds and screen them in a high-throughput array format istypically prohibitive for most academic organizations. If you need to look at100,000 individual data points in triplicate, that will almost alwaysshort-circuit academic organizations. They just can't get to it."

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"A lot of work that's done in the field has nowhere to go because ofthe interdisciplinary nature of combinatorial chemistry," said Ecker."Itmay not be organic enough for the it maynot be sufficiently automation-related for an instrumentation journal, and itmay not be pharmacological enough for a pharmacology journal. From a survey ofthe community, I got considerable sentiment that there was a need for aworkhorse, nuts-and-bolts publication that covered the real work of people inthe field- the kind of journal you would see at the end of a lab bench wherelibraries were being made." will be such ajournal, he said.

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At the meetings, Houghten pointed out that the origins of combinatorialchemistry can be traced back at least as far as 1963, when biochemistryprofessor R. Bruce Merrifield of Rockefeller University, New York City,developed a way to make peptides by solid-phase synthesis. But the field in itsmodern dimensions only began to take shape in the 1980s, when researchscientistH. Mario Geysen, now at Glaxo Wellcome, Research Triangle Park, N.C., developeda technique to synthesize arrays of peptides on pin-shaped solid supports andHoughten developed a technique for creating peptide libraries in tiny mesh"teabags" by solid-phase parallel synthesis.