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BoroPharm offers custom chemical synthesis, contract chemical manufacturing, and process development services to companies seeking a reliable source for hard to find specialty chemicals. We specialize in the following development and manufacturing of research chemicals, registered starting materials, active ingredients, custom blending, and custom purification.

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Monomer Polymer and Dajac Labs (MP) specializes in custom synthesis and contract research as well maintaining over 2,000 catalog products, developed from our own research programs. MP provides extensive production capabilities including custom synthesis services ranging from kilo to multi-ton volumes. The company’s key expertise is taking specialty chemicals from start-up to commercialization. Our extensive experience in chemical syntheses protocols and formulations allows us to efficiently produce custom molecules aiding R&D and reducing our customer’s time to market for new applications. We offer our clients custom synthesis contract research services with IP-protection.

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Vibrant Pharma Inc. is a Canadian based research & development (R & D) facility and contract research organization (CRO) that offers a wide range of services in custom synthesis, contract research projects, and process development for active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug intermediates. Our main goals are to supply high quality building blocks (carbohydrates and amino acids), enzyme substrates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), API impurity and reference standards, stable isotopes and chiral ligands to serve the advanced chemical synthetic needs of various sectors of academia as well as global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. You can find all currently available compounds in our new online catalogue.

Vibrant Pharma supports its clients from the initial drug discovery process through to a product launch by offering cost effective solutions ranging from milligram scale library synthesis to multi-kilogram process development. We also offer personalized service tailored to companies in all stages of the drug-discovery and development process including library design, synthesis, process development and production, and patent and investigational new drug application (IND; CMC section) drafting. Vibrant Pharma will also provide customized reports and related documentation for Canadian pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to file their SR&ED claims.

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