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Also understand that even though your policy may cover a wig, they may cover only a potion of the wig, or not at all.

Wig benefits (in your insurance policy) are determined by your employer who each year negotiates with the insurance company for a healthcare package that best meets the employer's and their employees needs. Therefore, wig benefits are a contractual issue and, basically there is nothing that can be done to get your wig paid for by the insurance company if a wig was not originally included as a benefit.

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How is it prosthetic legs are covered but prosthetic hair pieces are not?

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Keep copies of your sales invoice(s) for your cranial prosthesis as your full
cranial prosthesis may also be a tax deductible medical expense.
These steps are just for your reference. Remember to follow the procedures
outlined by your insurance company to receive the maximum benefit possible.

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According to the wig store, at least in NJ, Blue Cross does pay subject to monetary limitations. He thought it was up to $300. It also appears that the State of Delaware mandates that a carrier must pay up to $500 for a cranial prosthesis if deemed medically necessary so it appears to run the full kamut. I've petitioned the insurer for a copy of the plan documents. I still need to know what code CPT-ORN-1 refers to. If Emory or anyone else has that info, please pass it on.

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Keep copies of all documentation including the receipt/invoice for your Cranial Hair Prosthesis (may even be a tax deductible medical expense).

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properly itemized receipt if you bought your piece from us.

What is the difference in a cranial hair prosthesis and a wig

Applying for a Grant or Voucher to Cover your Full Cranial Prosthesis (full lace
wigs): American Cancer Society has a program available to those who qualify to
assist you in purchasing a wig. If your insurance does not cover the full cost of
your wig or only covers partial cost of your wig, you may quality for an allotment
through the American Cancer Society.

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With this new legislation it would allow medical insurance companies to cover realistic looking custom cranial prosthesis for patients suffering from medical related hair loss.

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I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield and they do not cover medical or cranial prothetics. It's not in our "plan" and from what i hear not many have coverage for wigs. It's a shame! Good Luck!

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I also have excellent health insurance that has covered things even my breast surgeon questioned (like BRCA testing). Reasonable premiums, reasonable co-pays and deductibles, quick to address problems when they arise. My med onco said I have "the Cadillac plan."

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I spent a few hours on the internet today trying to research this before I saw your email. According to several sites, they suggested NOT using code A9282 as that is the code for "Wigs, any type" and the mere reference to the word wig will result in a denial. A couple of sites suggested using code CPT-ORN-1 but they don't mention what that refers to and I couldn't find it. Would you know? The guy at the wig store also mentioned that using anything that ties into the word wig is a no-no and said Blue Cross was good at paying but United Healthcare gave all his customers a hard time. He uses the term cranial hair prosthesis on his paperwork so that is helpful. Thanks for your help.