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"The New Zealand Digital Library Project.", November 1996.

Widespread involvement of universities and their students will be determining factors.

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Vireo’s expert interface lets graduate school staff and librarians shepherd theses and dissertations through the entire ETD workflow, from submission to approval to publication in an institutional repository.

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Department of Education (FIPSE)for a National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations,we review its origins (see for an overview of the project),describe progress-to-date that warrants its now being called the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), explain some of the controversy that has led to widespread publicity and dissemination, and explore future growth possibilities.

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Balancing these six aspects calls for more thought than most students,faculty, and librarians may have given to electronic publishing,but is a key to building digital libraries and is animportant goal of the NDLTD.

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While this philosophy has been adopted since the early 1990s in connection with developing a program for ETDs, the ramifications and practical impact of various concerns of students, faculty, and publishers have not yet been summarized for the digital library community.

The RULA Digital Repository is a space for collecting, preserving, ..

Social Issues As has been discussed at events such as the 1996 Allerton conference(>)about social and user aspects of digital libraries, the success of a digital library project depends strongly upon how it relates to the activities of individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions, as well as the broader social context.

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Similarly, in the case of a book that is published which is closely related to a dissertation, blocking outside access to the ETD from the time the book appears, till two years later, is more than adequate protection for publishers, but denies traditional access throughinterlibrary lending.

OCLC is providing over a million MARC records thatrefer to theses and dissertations from its WorldCat database.

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Digital Libraries and Education Fundamentally, NDLTD is an effort to improve educationwhile building a digital library and expanding current library servicesand resources.

InfrastructureTo support digital library activities at Virginia Tech, IBM has donated a variety of hardware.

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Why should a student support NDLTD, which aims to promote knowledge sharing and scholarship, and is endorsed by ones' university, when there are competing influences fromones' advisors, research group, discipline, and associations?