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The FastStart Essential DNA Probes Master is designed for real-time PCR using the LightCycler® 96 and Nano Instruments in combination with suitable probes (., hydrolysis probes, Universal ProbeLibrary probes, and others) and gene-specific primers. The kit is ideally suited for hot start PCR assays for gene quantification.

The FastStart Essential DNA Probes Master has been specially optimized for use with hydrolysis probes (., Universal ProbeLibrary probes).
It can be used in conjunction with heat-labile LightCycler® Uracil DNA Glycosylase for carryover prevention during PCR. It is ideal for two-step RT-PCR applications, for example, when used downstream of cDNA synthesis using Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase.

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Probe-based quantitative PCR (qPCR) uses real-time fluorescence released upon 5´→3´ exonuclease cleavage of a quenched, target-specific probe to measure DNA amplification at each cycle of a PCR. At a point where the fluorescence signal is significantly detectable over the background fluorescence, a quantification cycle or Cq value can be determined. Cq values can be used to evaluate relative target abundance between two or more samples or to calculate absolute target quantities in reference to an appropriate standard curve, derived from a series of known dilutions.

The NEB Luna Universal Probe qPCR Master Mix is a 2X reaction mix optimized for real-time qPCR detection and quantitation of target DNA sequences using hydrolysis probes. It contains Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase and has been formulated with a unique passive reference dye that is compatible across a variety of instrument platforms (including those that require a high or low ROX reference signal). It also features dUTP for carryover prevention and a non-fluorescent, visible dye to monitor reaction setup. This dye does not spectrally overlap fluorophores commonly used for qPCR and will not interfere with real-time detection.

The master mix formulation is supplied at 2X concentration and contains all PCR components required for amplification and quantitation of DNA except primers/probes and DNA template. Genomic DNA or cDNA of interest can be quantitated with Luna qPCR and existing as well as commercial qPCR assay primer/probe sequences can be used.

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Viva cDNA Synthesis Kit is specially designed to provide reliable synthesis of full-length cDNA. M-MuLV RNase H- synthesizes complementary DNA strand initiating from a specific primer, oligo d(T) or random hexamer. The absence of RNase H enhances the synthesis of long cDNA as the RNA strand does not degrade in DNA-RNA hybrid during first strand cDNA synthesis. This cDNA synthesis kit is readily compatible with various cDNA-dependent downstream applications.

Viva cDNA Synthesis Kit is specially designed to provide reliable synthesis of full-length cDNA
Additionally SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit can be used with the SensiFAST Probe ..

FIREScript RT cDNA synthesis KIT

The 850bp probe is made in-house using published primers and Roche's PCR DIG Probe Synthesis Kit.

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