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DNA Transcription and Protein Synthesis

DNA is the template of genetic information for protein synthesis

Protein synthesis - DNA workshop activity:

Hair grows from your head, nonstop, day in and day out. The cells of your hair follicles somehow generate all of the protein that make up this hair. How is this protein created? The answers to these questions are DNA replication and protein synthesis. The activity in this section places you within the cell, involving you with the processes of DNA replication and protein synthesis.

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What Is the Role of DNA in Protein Synthesis
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Protein Synthesis Activity - Teachable

Fluorophore-labeled copper(II) complexes have been synthesized and characterized by various techniques. Complexes bind to DNA through intercalation. They cleave plasmid pBR322 DNA without addition of any external additives by an oxidative mechanism. All compounds are highly active and selective toward cancer cells, and their cellular uptake could be monitored by fluorescence microscopy due to the ligand-based inherent fluorescence.

DNA Replication & Protein Synthesis - PBS

An embryonic cell divides again and again