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Editor's Note: Since 1987, Peter Duesberg, a University of California, Berkeley, retrovirologist, has been contending that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. Eight years after he first put forth his revolutionary hypothesis, dissenters from the once-gospel theory that HIV alone is the culprit have become more visible, and articles about Duesberg's hypothesis have appeared sporadically in the scientific and popular press (see story on page 1). Duesberg's assessment of the role of HIV, however, remai

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Duesberghas challenged the virus-AIDS hypothesis in the pages of suchjournals as , and .

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And the gullible public loves to bespoon-fed with the latest sensation.Duesberg's Demolition of the "HIV-AIDS"Hypothesis
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The current in the is that theDuesberg hypothesis has been refuted by a large and growing mass ofevidence showing that causation of AIDS by HIV is clear, that virusnumbers in the blood correlate with disease progression, that aplausible mechanism for HIV's action has been proposed, and thatanti-HIV medication decreases and inpeople with AIDS.

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The Duesberg hypothesis is the claim,associated with professor , that variousnon-infectious factors such as andpharmaceutical drug use are the cause of , and that (human immunodeficiency virus) is a harmless .The most prominent defenders of this hypothesis are Duesberghimself, and vitamin proponent , and journalist . Themajority of the considersthat Duesberg's arguments are the result of predominantly outdatedscientific data andselectively ignoring evidence in favour of HIV's role in AIDS.There is broad that theDuesberg hypothesis is incorrect, and that HIV is the cause ofAIDS.

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Thus, Dr. Duesberg's book, "Inventing The Aids Virus," (Regnery Publishing. 722 pages. $29.95,) the evidence marshaled to document the role of HIV as the exclusive cause of AIDS had become so compelling that most of us consider any alternative hypothesis as a ridiculous argument undeserving of debate.

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According to the Duesberg hypothesis, AIDS is not found inAfrica. What Duesberg calls "the myth of an African AIDSepidemic,"among people "he repeatedly refers to...asSchwartzes,"exists for several reasons, including:

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Duesberg’s hypothesis of a dose-dependent relationship between the degree of aneuploidy and the rate of chromosomal instability has some parallels to data from yeast, which has led to a model where the more a cell’s karyotype deviates numerically from a multiple of the haploid set, the more chromosomally unstable it becomes (). However, one should be careful in applying this finding to primary human cells. In fact, the model agrees poorly with several details in our recently published study (). First, if such a proportionality existed, our triploid cases should have had lower AI than the hyperdiploid cells with single and double trisomies. In fact, we found the opposite. Second, one would also expect the pseudodiploid DLD-1 colon cancer cell line to have lower AI than the double and single trisomy cells. However, this was not the case (). Finally, one must predict that our two cases with double trisomies would be more unstable than the single trisomics. Such a difference was not found. Taking these data together, we find that the main difference in chromosomal instability in our study was between cancer cells and noncancer cells, irrespective of karyotype.

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Several studies have specifically addressed Duesberg's claimthat recreational drug abuse or were responsible for the manifestations of AIDS. Anearly study of his claims, published in in 1993, found Duesberg's drugabuse-AIDS hypothesis to have "no basis in fact".