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This study looked at the relationship between attitudes toward school and participation in out-of-school time (OST) activities for urban high school students. The study compared students’ attitudes toward school, their academic self-perceptions, and attitudes toward teachers and classes in relation to their participation in various OST activities. The study used the School Attitude Assessment Survey, a questionnaire using a Likert scale, and a participation survey about the activities the students participate in and for how many hours. Data indicated that students agreed with the positive academic self perception statements, as well as the positive statements towards their teachers and attitudes, but varied responses were found for the attitudes toward school statements. A recommendation to schools is to encourage students to participate in out-of-school time activities in order to receive potential positive benefits.

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Your Honors thesis represents the culmination of your Honors academic career. When you are finished, you will have produced something that is a unique contribution to your field. While you will work with multiple people who will support your efforts, your thesis is your own. For many students, the thesis is the first time they have attempted a project of this scale, so it should be viewed as a learning experience—no one starts out knowing how to do a thesis!

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The Honors Program is definitely the best hidden secret in the Undergraduate curriculum at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Not many students know that it exists. Now you know, but what are you going to do about it? You could do nothing at all and be the typical ICS undergraduate along with a 100 of your peers. Or you could take the challenge and start a voyage of learning.

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Gifted students are some of the most promising learners in the country. This group contributes 6% of the total student population. Programming for these gifted students varies from school to school. Because there is no universal program for gifted students, they enter college with very different experiences. This study aimed to investigate which experiences and services in high school programs best prepared these gifted students for their college Honors courses and conversions. Juniors and Seniors in the UConn Honors Program completed a survey regarding their perceptions of their high school and college programs. Students’ perceptions of preparation for college Honors courses and conversions were related to feelings of challenge in high school classes, high school classes requiring complex thinking, and having a high level of choice in the content of college Honors courses and conversions. The number of Honors or AP classes that students completed in high school was not related to their feelings of preparation. There were no differences based on gender, class standing, and the time of acceptance to the UConn Honors Program.

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For approximately ten months of the year, children attend school. In that time, they will have gained knowledge and progressed, especially in their reading skills. The foundation of success in multiple content areas is dependent on one’s ability to read. During the summer, children’s experiences differ, and without the shared experience of school, the progression or regression of their reading skills will vary considerably. Educators, researchers, and parents need to think about the summer months and the implications that those months have on a child’s future academic success, because evidence suggests that many students lose ground on their reading skills during the summer without access to books or strong encouragement to read. Part of encouraging students to read involves allowing students the opportunity to express which book topics and genres interest them the most. This qualitative study was designed to explore aspects of the questions of what students read during the summer and what motivates them to engage in summer reading. Within that context, the study explored the following more specific research questions: How do students respond to receiving a bag of books to read during the summer? How do students describe their summer reading experiences? How do students’ choices for summer reading reflect their self-identified reading interests? Five boys were provided with books matching their expressed interests and contacted regularly over the summer. Results demonstrated that all five took advantage of the opportunity to read one or more of the provided books, and that the interpersonal contact with the researcher seemed to be an important influence on their decisions to read.

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An Engineering Honors Program (EHP) student’s thesis is the culmination of their undergraduate research at The University of Texas at Austin. Areas of research examined by EHP students are often the fields in which these students find their careers after graduation or pursue in graduate school. Students who complete their theses will receive special honors designation on their transcripts and will be recognized during their commencement ceremonies.