how does light intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis?

This process is also affected by the temperature surrounding the plant (the species of plant we experimented with, pond weed, photosynthesised best at around 20 degrees centigrade.) Light, temperature & CO2 are known as limiting factors, and each is as important as the next in photosynthes...

how does temperature affect the rate of photosynthesis?

In practice, any one of these factors could limit the rate of photosynthesis.

WHS Bio 5 Factors that effect the Rate of Photosynthesis.

For the
plant to keep on photosynthesising at a steady rate there needs to be
plenty of water and the temperature needs to be kept at a certain
level because once carbon dioxide is no longer the limiting factor
simply giving the plant more wont have any effect.

Factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis

The factors that affect the are:

· Light intensity- if the light is brighter, then the rate of
photosynthesis increases and visa versa.

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Light colour: Certain colours of light can change the rate of
photosynthesis in green plants such as elodea depending on how well
the light can be absorbed into the plants chlorophyll.

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Up until maximum fixation is reached and the reaction plateaus, an increase in CO2 would mean an increase in the rate of photosynthesis until a factor limits it or maximum fixation is reached.

The following affect the rate of photosynthesis: 1

If solution-filled syringes with certain amounts of CO2 are tested to see how the increase of CO2 will affect the photosynthetic rate of spinach disks, then the more CO2, the faster the rate.


Physiological factors that affect photosynthetic rates

If identical solution-filled syringes are tested to see how the color of the light source will affect the photosynthetic rate of spinach disks, then the syringe tested under the blue light would have the highest photosynthetic rate followed by red, regular colored, and finally green light.
All organisms are powered by energy.

Rate of Photosynthesis: Limiting Factors.

Farmers can use their knowledge of these limiting factors to increase crop growth in greenhouses. They may use artificial light so that photosynthesis can continue beyond daylight hours, or in a higher-than-normal light intensity. The use of paraffin lamps inside a greenhouse increases the rate of photosynthesis because the burning paraffin produces carbon dioxide, and heat too.

Investigation into the Factors Affecting The Rate Of Photosynthesis

Variables: The variables that might affect the rate of photosynthesis
in this experiment are:

Temperature: When the temperature rises so does the rate of
photosynthesis; this is because as the temperature around the plant
rises the enzymes controlling photosynthesis inside the chloroplasts
heat up and start moving around faster, the fast moving molecules
collide with other fast moving enzymes causing them to react.

What are the Factors that affect Photosynthesis

By keeping these factors constant I will only be investigating how
light intensity affects the rate of photosynthesis and the other
factors will not affect my results.