This is not unusual in the food world.

When humans began to raze forests and use the resultant soils to raise crops, they were working their way down through the food chain, no longer harvesting ecosystem detritus but destroying entire ecosystems literally at their roots for short-term human benefit. That practice eventually turned forest ecosystems into deserts. As this essay will survey, that was a rampant problem in all early civilizations. Eventually, humans learned to reach even further back into the ecological horizon as they began burning energy stores that were hundreds of millions of years old; was first and second. They were burned a million times as fast as they were created. In all instances, humans were releasing sunlight energy that had been captured and stored by organisms. In the 20th century, when humans began using nuclear fission, they were going even further back in time and harvesting energy stored via billions of years ago. With each new energy source, humans were harvesting older, more concentrated energy sources, which released far more energy than the previously used source. In each instance, humans plundered the energy source to exhaustion. Humans have not lived in “harmony” with nature since they learned to control fire.

Maslin was also used to make other foods too, such as pottage.

Even if their country has excess food, they still go hungry because of poverty.

The USDA defines low food security as “reports of reduced ..

The hypothetical world government that could enforce the necessary edicts, is every bit as much a “miracle” as genetically-engineered photosynthetic humans and solar food synthesizers, so we can take it off the table as well. At which point we are left with what, exactly? Culture change by means that are presently accessible, most notably global media including the internet.

The Food-Insecurity Obesity Paradox: A Resource Scarcity Hypothesis

Sharon Astyk also contributes to ScienceBlogs. She and her husband ran a small farm for many years, though lately they have been preoccupied with numerous foster children, and plan to move to a small city. She is the coauthor of A Nation of Farmers, and the author of Depletion and Abundance, among other books. In 2011, citing the UN Special Report on the Right to Food, she wrote:

Is there not a way where everyone in the world could have a healthy relationship with food.
This is because the food is prepared in a tandoor, which simultaneously bakes, roasts, and grills.

The symptoms of resource scarcity: judgments of food …

"Limits to Growth," the report was called, andbesides a shock it also caused outrage worldwide. Several yearsafter the first phase of environmental awareness and shortlybefore the first oil crisis (1973), "Limits" broughtthe message that the world was heading for disaster because ofunfettered population growth and industrial expansion, exhaustionof stocks of natural resources, environmental destruction, andfood shortages.

Hammond, Food Research Institute [Stanford UniversityPress:Stanford CA] 1954 (p.

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Perhaps the next most common reaction for those not denying that FE is possible is (they may outnumber those who will gladly accept FE delivered to their homes and labs). Their fears are usually stated to be around weaponizing FE or using it to destroy Earth’s remaining ecosystems. Both fears seem misplaced, and a close reading of history does not support them. All , so the would disappear if economic abundance existed. When there was economic abundance, people lived in peace in their . Raping Earth with FE , because there would not be any good reason to and very good reasons to not. The solar system could easily meet all of humanity's material needs, , and there would be no need to rape Earth. kill, rape, and plunder for the sheer joy of it, but everybody else does due to scarcity. Those who fear misuse believe that people will not wake up if the means of abundance are delivered to them, or that the vast majority who quickly would could not police those slow to understand (or the psychopaths who might never). That fear reflects a negative view of humanity that I do not share. I doubt that the masses , but they wake up when it is. I doubt that humanity is that stupid, and I am willing to take the chance that humanity can become a . The , and Earth is still intact. After witnessing that fear reaction many times, it seemed to me to camouflage other, deeper fears. I have never succeeded in engaging such people in a rational conversation regarding those fears. I eventually suspected that they really feared abundance and seemed . They built their entire lives around surviving in a world of scarcity and saw abundance as a threat to their existence. Such reactions are , and for similar reasons. They know that the world as they know it will end with FE, they are afraid that their role in that new world will be diminished, and prefer the devil they know. In some cases, they that devil. I have rather than question their beliefs and indoctrination, and that phenomenon seems related to that knee-jerk fear that people express when FE is even .

This of course must be the first object in any campaign to augment food supplies.

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A key aspect of civilization that will disappear with the release of those technologies is the same aspect that is suppressing them; with economic abundance, elites will become obsolete. Elites have always been economic elites above all else, and all elites for all time have engaged in as the mark of their status. Slavery appeared with civilization and disappeared with industrialization. Elites appeared with civilization and will disappear with the Fifth Epochal Event, which is why ultra-elites have worked so hard to prevent it. They see that their very existence is threatened. For most “normal” people, that can seem a bizarre view, but ultra-elites are addicted to political power and their ability to rule an entire planet, and imposing fear and scarcity are their primary methods of maintaining their position. Each industrialized human , but ultra-elites see themselves as riding billions of slaves. Many of them will not willingly relinquish their position, even if . Fortunately, , and cooler heads may prevail. Instead of ruling in hell, elites will become regular inhabitants of something that resembles heaven on Earth.