In Things Fall Apart, the Igbo women were perceived as being weak.

He could not return to the clan after seven years"
Females in Things Fall Apart
: a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women
Reading this book in western culture it can be seen that Things Fall apart goes against the premises of feminist beliefs
Females in Things Fall Apart
Stereotypes of Women:
oppressed by men
Care givers
portrayed as weak
Although a lot of these stereotypes are true, Chinua Achebe does a great job of emphazing the role of women in African Culture.

These are all exemplified in the novel Things Fall Apart.


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Females in Things Fall Apart
At first glance the females in the novel seem to not to serve a purpose but with close inspection it can be seen that the women in things fall apart have certain roles that are worshiped and respected.
Role of Priestess
Concept of Mother is Supreme
Females in Things Fall Apart
Passage 1 Chielo
Passage 2 Mother is supreme
Passage 3 Ekwefi
"The priestess had now reached Okonkwo's compound and was talking with him outside his hut.

Things Fall Apart: Deconstructing the Humanities Cannon

the western culture
Things Fall Apart
Western Culture
Believing in polygamy,
polytheism, and patriarchy.
Men are domineering.
Making sacrifices to the gods.
Women can be beaten.
Requiring balance between
manly virtues and
womanly virtues.
Believing in monogamy.
Men and women are equal.
Does not practice ritual of sacrifices.
Does not accept any type
of beating.
Women are viewed
that they are equal
to men.
differences of culture in things fall Apart vs.

This is particularly exemplified in the novels Things Fall Apart, Houseboy, and Weep Not, Child....

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It is when these systems are upset that "things fall apart." Okonkwo, the Ibo religion, and ultimately, the Ibos' autonomy were brought to their demise by an extreme imbalance between their male and female aspects....

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In the Things Fall Apart, Achebe (1969) portrays Nigeria at a time when the arrival of the British was intrusive as they crept within Nigeria’s borders and made an overwhelming influence while they claimed that Nigerians were ultimately evil and needed to be controlled.

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The recurring theme of gender conflicts helps drive the novel Things Fall Apart by showing how important women are to the men, yet they do not receive the treatment they deserve.

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In Things Fall Apart, the reader follows the troubles of the main character Okonkwo, a tragic hero whose flaw includes the fact that "his whole life was dominated by fear, the fear of failure and of weakness" (2865).

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Through the life of Okonwo, the main character of Things Fall Apart, the roles of women in traditional Ibo culture are presented through various events that take place in the village of Umuofia.