The honor code obliges instructors:

For arts Bachelor courses at colleges of art and music the structural guidelines valid for all Länder provide for the promotion and development of artistic abilities, the teaching of basic scientific principles as well as methodical and professional skills.

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Degrees are graded on a 50-100 scale: 85-100 pekiyi; 65-84iyi; 50-64 orta; 50 geçer; 0-49 geçmez.

There are currently 233 Graduiertenkollegs in Germany.

The credit points are related to instruction as such, as well as to the time needed to prepare and go over the taught subject-matter, preparation for examinations and the examinations themselves and, if applicable, to internships.

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This grade must be initiated by the student and approved by the instructor prior to the end of the session in which the class is offered and must be assigned by the instructor prior to the final grading deadline for the term/session in which the class is offered. This grade may be assigned only when a documented circumstance beyond the control of the student arises. The performance in the course must merit this exception, otherwise, the instructor must assign a grade that reflects both the quality of the work completed and the significance of the work/exam that has not been completed. This grade will not be assigned after the session in which the class is offered has ended. Submission of this grade requires a last date of attendance.

Certain courses may, with the instructors’ permission, be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.
However, final authority for the assignment of grades rests with the instructor in charge of the course.

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In the event that a student is absent for reasons specified above (e.g., representing the university) and the instructor issues some portion of the grade on the basis of participation or, more directly, attendance, it is impossible for the student to directly “make up” the work. In these cases, faculty should recognize that the student’s grade should not be penalized for the absence. Except in cases of field experience, practicums, student teaching, clinicals, or clinical internships, the student should be given the opportunity to achieve the same grade based on a smaller number of classes or some alternative means of making up the points missed.

With the exception of structured programmes for doctoral students, a doctoral thesis need not be written within any prescribed length of time.

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A student placed in an Intensive Intermediate course 2003 in French or Spanish, and who completes the course with a grade of B or better, may be eligible for four hours of placement credit. A student placed in French, German or Spanish 3001, and who completes the course with a grade of B or better, may be eligible for four hours of placement credit.

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With the passage of compulsory attendance laws at the elementary level during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the number of students entering high schools increased rapidly. Between 1870 and 1910 the number of public high schools in the United States increased from 500 to 10,000. As a result, subject area instruction in high schools became increasingly specific and student populations became more diverse. While elementary teachers continued to use written descriptions and narrative reports to document student learning, high school teachers began using percentages and other similar markings to certify students' accomplishments in different subject areas. This was the beginning of the grading and reporting systems that exist today.