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It is not at all uncommon today in 21st century America to see sports teams with members of different races and cultures. In fact, one would think it strange to see a team that was not multiracial. As common as interracial athletics is today, things have not always been this way. Obviously, in the times of segregation, schools were divided into black and white schools. In effect, Athletics teams were divided into black and white teams. Professional teams were also segregated. Baseball had the Major League and the Negro League. Football was all white. Basketball also had separate leagues for blacks and whites. Segregation was just as prevalent in sports as it was in everyday life in times prior to the 1950's. To better understand race and sports, one must first look at the history of race and sports, key figures of race and sports, and currents issues that deal with race and sports.
With segregation so dominant in professional sports, there was one area of athletics in which African Americans could compete. This area was the Olympics and an athlete named Jesse Owens excelled on this worldwide stage. "Jesse Owens is perhaps the best-remembered Olympic star of all time. He is famous for his world-record success in the 1936 Olympics in the face of racial discrimination ? (Whitehouse 1). The time and place was 1936 Berlin. "At that time, Germany was ruled by the powerful dictator Adolph Hitler, whose beliefs in racial supremacy and destructive actions led to World War II. European newspapers insulted Jesse and the other 11 African Americans competing on America's 66-member Olympic track and field team ? (Whitehouse 1). Owens proved Hitler's white supremacy theory wrong by winning four gold medals, setting two Olympic records, and setting one world record. Hitler's theory, was further disproved by Owens, the grandson of a slave, proving that race did not make someone a champion. Champions were based on hard work, d

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Good Evening.!
I am Trisha and I am married to an American citizen and was about to get a passport here in Tacloban.
I would like to know if these requirements are needed ( CFO cert., authenticated live birth, parents MC from NSO, form 137 with school seal ) to be able to proceed to the passport application and process.
When i first came to the DFA here in Tacloban one of the staff told me that i need to have 2 valid id’s and BC from the NSO as well as NBI clearance but when i went back there with the requirements that had been asked, she added even more paper requirements from me as what i have written above.
So i am very confused why i needed to have those papers when i have already submitted the necessary requirements that are needed.
I would want to know what papers are necessary for the passport application.

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Bakit ganun?nghintay ako ng matagal sa pila then pagdating ko sa booth…irereject lng pla ako because I look like a student at wala akong maipakitang ID 2 years ago pa…ni hindi man lng i-jotdown sa dfa syt nila kung ano ung mga valid ID’s na tinatanggap nila I am a first time applicant at sa tulad ko mejo na-trauma ata ako..the ID’s that I present to them is tinatanggap nmn sa iba as valid…di na tuloy ako pinayagan ng boss kong mg-leave…sa totoo lng nakakainis!