This video animation illustrates the Hintegra Ankle Joint replacement

The Hintermann Series H2™ is a semi-constrained, total ankle replacement prosthesis developed by Prof. Beat Hintermann, a world-renowned foot and ankle surgeon based in Liestal, Switzerland. The Hintermann Series H2™ Total Ankle Replacement System is indicated for use with bone cement to treat ankle arthritis in either primary or revision surgery of ankle joints damaged by systemic arthritis of the ankle (, rheumatoid arthritis, hemochromatosis), primary arthritis (, degenerative disease), and secondary arthritis (, post-traumatic, avascular necrosis). The Hintermann Series H2™ is also indicated for patients with a failed total ankle replacement or non-union/mal-union of the ankle arthrodesis, provided that sufficient bone stock is present. The Intellectual Property of the Hintermann Series H2™ is protected by numerous patents with additional patents pending.

The Agility Total Ankle Prosthesis; ..

Photograph of the 'Hintegra' total ankle joint replacement prosthesis.

bearing, third generation total ankle prosthesis

For a long time a change of approach—removal of the implant components followed by arthrodesis—was the standard procedure in cases of ankle replacement failure. The current literature describes various surgical techniques and fixation methods for such arthrodesis after prosthesis removal: bone allografts, autografts, or replacement materials (e.g. porous metals such as Trabecular Metal™) can be used to bridge the defect (, , –). The alternative to converting to ankle arthrodesis is revision ankle arthroplasty (, , , –). If possible, an implant type for which special revision components are available, e.g. a thicker metal plate for tibial components and larger weightbearing area and improved fixation for talar components, should be used. Revision surgery can be performed as one-stage or two-stage procedure. In the two-stage procedure, the goal of the first surgery is to address the bone defect. After bone integration of the autograft is achieved, the revision components can be implanted in a second surgery (eFigure 2).

the Salto Talaris Total Ankle Prosthesis ..

There is no gold standard treatment for advanced ankle osteoarthritis. Both, ankle arthrodesis and total ankle replacement are important treatment options in patients with end-stage ankle osteoarthritis. Attaining satisfactory intermediate-term and long-term postoperative outcomes in patients who have undergone total ankle replacement requires thorough preoperative examination and planning, taking careful account of all relative and absolute contraindications, with corresponding patient selection. If modern ankle implant designs are used, 10-year success rates of between 70 and 90% can be achieved.

NR, not reported; CI, confidence interval; TAA, total ankle arthroplasty.

Midterm results of the salto total ankle prosthesis.

This review article uses the current literature to explain the indications and the absolute and relative contraindications for total ankle replacement. It also presents the results of current clinical studies on postoperative functional outcomes and the probability of success of ankle replacement surgery.

Total ankle replacement using HINTEGRA, ..

Dr. David Reicher, president and chief executive officer of DTMT, stated, “Our ownership of this superior, clinically-proven line of the Hintermann Series medical devices marks an important milestone for DT MedTech, as we begin to position ourselves as a global leader in lower extremity surgical solutions. Working diligently alongside Professor Beat Hintermann, we plan to expand worldwide distribution of the Hintermann Series H3 Total Ankle Replacement and will introduce Professor Hintermann’s innovative, 2-piece total ankle replacement device in the very near future. We want to assure all surgeons who currently use these products that the newly acquired devices will remain exactly the same in structure and materials. Additionally, we foresee no disruption in terms of product availability.”

History of Total Ankle Replacement

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Midterm results of the salto total ankle prosthesis

March 3, 2016 (Baltimore, MD) – DT MedTech, LLC (DTMT) announced today that it has successfully completed the acquisition of ownership of the Hintermann Series lower extremity device product line. Developed by prominent surgeon, Professor Beat Hintermann, this exceptional product line includes: (1) the Hintermann Series H3™ 3-piece Total Ankle Replacement prosthesis (formerly known as the HINTEGRA Total Ankle Replacement prosthesis), including a revision platform, and a system available for patients with sensitivities to Cobalt-Chrome alloys; (2) the Kalix® II, a subtalar arthroereisis implant to treat flatfoot deformities; and (3) instrumentation and consumables to support the implantable devices.