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Taking all this work together, it's safe to say that while insulin doesn't appear to increase exercise-induced protein synthesis, it may act to "hold the throttle open longer" for the protein synthetic machinery after a workout.

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In an mRNA, the instructions for building a polypeptide come in groups of three nucleotides called
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Proteins are pretty important; they make up the structure of an organism AND control all of the organism's chemical reactions!

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Think of it like this – if mTOR is like the gas-pedal for protein synthesis, then AMPK is the brakes. While it's been shown that pre-workout nutrition doesn't improve the post-workout burst in protein synthesis better than exercise alone, pre-workout amino acid intake does blunt AMPK mediated inhibition of mTOR.

Some ER has ribosomes on the surface (rough endoplasmic reticulum) --the cell's protein-making machinery.

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Importantly, activation of protein synthesis in the seems to ultimately determine how well we respond to training in the . What this means is that not only are workouts needed to maximally activate protein synthesis, but the right nutrition needs to be there at precisely the right time for this to happen.

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To make more muscle we need protein, and the type and timing of protein intake during the post-workout period has been shown to control the overall increase in protein synthesis that occurs immediately after training.

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The post-workout meal is the most important for amping up protein synthesis after a workout. Muscle cells are primed for protein synthesis in the hours after training, but only if the right nutrition is there.

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It also makes a good case to include carbs peri-workout. Not only have peri-workout carbs been shown to inhibit protein degradation, but they also blunt AMPK mediated inhibition of mTOR.

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Studies have found that both local hyperinsulinemia and the ingestion of carbs inhibits protein breakdown, with little to no effect on protein synthesis. When this was looked at specifically in the post-workout period, it was found that .

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Scientists are studying many aspects of the ER and Golgi apparatus, including a built-in quality control mechanism cells use to ensure that proteins are properly made before leaving the ER (Source: ).

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This subject has been studied numerous times, but the amount of protein or amino acids used in the research may not directly apply to real-world scenarios. Scientists have rarely used a training stimulus that comes even close to what most guys are doing in the gym, making it difficult to extrapolate and make specific recommendations as far as how much protein is needed.