Hydrogen-Bonded Liquid Crystals

Titration to the first colorless phenolphthalein endpoint neutralizes the excess sodium hydroxide and converts all of the sodium carbonate into sodium bicarbonate. Methyl orange indicator is added and the titration is continued to the second endpoint (where methyl orange changes colour) as the acid converts the sodium bicarbonate to water and carbon dioxide. The difference in milliliters between the first and second endpoints is used to calculate the carbon dioxide present in the sample or the grams of substance being sought.

The pure hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals and their mixtures

Analysis of the Vector Properties of Hydrogen Bonding in Crystal Engineering

hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals …

In this thesis metal coordination, hydrogen bond (HB) and halogen bond (XB) have been used for the design and synthesis of self-assembled systems tailored to topological studies, separation processes, obtainment of supramolecular functional materials.

The study of proton dynamics in some hydrogen bonded crystals

"It takes only 1.25 amps of DC voltage to break the hydrogen/oxygen bond. The higher the amperage above this, the easier it is to break tighter electron bonds of hydrogen and oxygen from other substances - such as nitrogen."

Hydrogen-bonded side chain liquid crystalline block copolymer: Molecular design, ..

Molecular Interactions (Noncovalent Interactions)

Table sugar 'sucrose' is a disaccharide made up of a glucose and fructose molecule joined together by a glycosidic linkage. Hydrolysis breaks the glycosidic bond and converts it into glucose and fructose:

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The most common use of nickel is for electroplating. Vast amounts of the metal are used in nickel plating and waste streams of aqueous nickel sulfate have to be dealt with. Besides being an expensive metal, nickel ions are toxic in the environment and have serious health hazards. Most commonly, the nickel (II) ions are precipitated as the hydroxide. Recovery of nickel can be right up to 100%. This suggests a great EEI, partly because the method of recovery can influence the yield.

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Heating the water to a higher temperature leads to a smaller voltage being required to achieve the same rate of hydrogen production (as measured by the electrical current). Alternatively, at higher temperatures, if the voltage is held constant then the current will increase and so will the rate of hydrogen output. So there is the basis for a good EEI. Make sure you pay attention to the controlled variables: electrode type and area, concentration of electrolyte, and so on. Because polarisation can affect the variables, it may be best to take your measurements quickly after the start. Note: rather than use an electrolytic cell, a similar investigation can be undertaken using electrochemical cells (as above). In that case the Nernst Equation applies and you can easily see how the absolute temperature is factored in.

14/06/2015 · The study of proton dynamics in some hydrogen bonded crystals: ..

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High school experiments on heats of combustion usually involve burning a candle or alcohol and trapping the heat in a beaker of water. The errors are usually massive and chimneys etc are used to try to trap the heat - with little success. How could the accuracy be improved? You could explore ways and provide a theoretical reason for your trials. Alternatively, you could compare the accuracy of ΔHC values of methanol, ethanol, propanol; or even of the three C4H9OH isomers. Why might the accuracy be different? What does this tell you about intramolecular bonding? Are there any correlations with BPt?

Synthesis of chemically bonded liquid crystals for high-performance ..

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» -- An out-of-print classic: Aho's theories about Space, Life, Energy, &c.

» r ~ Hydrogen bond explosions by Mechanical Impact Steam (MIST) system produces superheated steam @ over-unity efficiency. ( See also: )

Investigate the actuation behavior of complex aligned internal hydrogen bonded liquid crystals, ..

In this thesis metal coordination, hydrogen ..

Your research question could be along the lines of which vegetable oil produces the best biodiesel in comparison to commercial biodiesel? You can make biodiesel from soybean by the following method: Weigh accurately 20.0 g of soybean oil into a round bottom flask and add a few boiling chips, 6 mL of methanol and 1.2 grams of potassium carbonate and reflux for 25 minutes (at a low intensity). Then allow to cool. Add 18 mL of 1 M acetic acid to the flask and pour it all into a separating funnel. Allow the layers of the reaction mixture to separate overnight. Drain the lower glycerol layer into a waste beaker and collect the upper layer containing biodiesel into a tared beaker. Record the mass of collected biodiesel.