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In particular, Rogers was concerned that for individuals to adopt an innovation, they must make a conscious decision that overcomes their uncertainty about the product or process. He wrote that the innovation was not in itself enough to convert people. They may need to be convinced through a communication process that provides some evidence of future value, that ensures them that the innovation fits their value system, and that it does so without severely disrupting their established habits and practices.

Innovation management is the act of managing processes of innovation.

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(1993) Viable theoretical forms of synchronous production innovation.

PhD RESEARCH PROPOSAL TITLE: INNOVATION AMONG RURAL SMALL AND the absence of economies of scale and scope in key factors of production, high innovation.

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Master Thesis – Innovation and Imitation Barriers In-cell production, “spreading innovation willingly to other companies”.3(58) Acknowledgements First and foremost I offer my sincere gratitude to my thesis supervisor Mr.

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Trialability is another characteristic that determines the rate of diffusion. Being able to test an innovation or try it out will facilitate the rate of adoption. If it can be experimented with or taken out for a ‘test drive,” it is more likely to be utilized.

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Another issue is compatibility. How well does the innovation fit into a person’s needs, usage patterns and/or current value system? Adoption may have more to do with potential adopter than the characteristics of the innovation. An innovation that is more compatible with a person’s lifestyle and cognitive characteristics is more likely to be assimilated into an individual’s life.

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programme: “Society, Business and Globalisation”.MSc Thesis Communication and Innovation Studies Group where production heavily depends on rain for its success or failure.

These findings suggest that a brilliant kick-off to innovation could be achieved by setting.

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A third characteristic is complexity and refers to the level of difficulty that the potential adopters encounter with the innovation. It is likely that the more complex or the more difficult an innovation is to understand, the less likely it will be adopted, and its diffusion will occur more slowly.

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Innovation Management ·425· Product Innovation Management Analysis Based on Supply Chain.

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Observability completes our list of important characteristics identified by Rogers. An innovation will likely spread through the target population faster if the benefits are visible. by Douglas C. Engelbart was a 90-minute live demonstration of the interface technologies that highly influenced the trajectory of computer design that ultimately came out in the Apple Macintosh, including the first use of a mouse. The easier it is to see the advantages of an innovation, the faster it will diffuse throughout society.

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Rogers’ scholarly work originated in the study of rural sociology and focused on how innovations were adopted in areas such as agriculture and public health. He initiated an approach to the diffusion of innovation that utilized a scientific and meaningful way that emphasized the communicative and psychological aspects of adoption. He defined diffusion as the communication process by which innovations are accepted by individuals and their benefits spread to others.