Your THESIS is placed at the end of your introduction.

I also agree that we should use natural and easy-to-understand language. But maybe some examiner thinks some big words in the essay can demonstrate the variety of vocabulary. Actually that’s a superficial habit.

You support your thesis in the BODY of your essay.

The introductions below have different thesis statements. Which one do you think is the best?

Conclusion: The final paragraph(s) of a paper.

Hi Mam,
My concern to you is while writing conclusion in Academic writing Task 2,is it useful to say,”From aforementioned cases and argument,we come to know that…..” in this way is it the right way to express?

Inform: you want to inform the reader of your main subject.C.

Having poor spelling with certainly be a problem for the criteria of vocabulary. You will need to practice writing essays and then review the spelling of all common vocabulary you use. Also consider getting one of my advanced writing task 2 lessons which explain in depth the techniques needed for a high score:

The following strategies may help you move beyond merely summarizing the key points of your essay:

Opinion Essay Introduction: The Thesis Statement - …

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Hello Liz, my exam was a week ago and I’m hoping for a very good result. Thanks to your website and YouTube channel. I would like to know why the exam body needs to know the candidates first language. A lot of people in my exam centre chose English, I chose my native language. Is there any implication?

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Hi Liz,
Is it necessary to include all my solutions in the introduction part? I’m afraid that I can not expand the two ideas of having a traffic free zone and improving the public transportation system enough, so in order to reach 250 words, I may include more small solutions which take one or two sentences each. But if I include them in the introduction, it seems tedious. How can I do in this case?
Thank you very much!

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The conclusion closes the essay and tries to close the issue.

The Career Passport The Personal Essay. Why Write the Personal Essay To reinforce the writing of the five paragraph essay To reinforce the writing process.


The last thing. How to write a conclusion paragraph for an essay.

Hello Liz,
I wanted to ask about the idioms. In 1 of your lessons, u say that idioms are not suitable to use in writing. why is that? what if i use an idiom (a common 1) to increase the word count. Will i be penalized for that?
Thank You

You want to finish strong and leave the .Welcome to the Engagement area of the Purdue OWL.

In the modern era, … / Since the dawn of time ….

Thaks a lot liz. Please tell me if the words of essay exceed the 300, is there any negative marking for that? What should be the no of paragraphs in the essay? Is there any particular format of writing? Also tell me some tips to secure 7 bands please?