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As a long-lost video of the 1989 Inaugural Concert has surfaced, associate professor of history Jelani Cobb recalls the questions of racial politics that the concert originally drew. Lee Atwater, campaign manager for George H. W. Bush, “was exemplary of a nuance in Southern politics, that people can be virulent race-baiters and still have an intimate familiarity with black and shared Southern culture,” says Cobb.

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Overall, the discussion about the first digital game in Finland has primarily dealt with the issue of the first Finnish commercial computer game publication and not the very first Finnish (digital) game ever produced, perhaps because the publication is less difficult to master: before commercial publications there was a quite uncertain phase of non-commercial amateur game projects, a period of producing and playing of games with mainframe and mini computers (Saarikoski 264). Some studies dealing with earlier developments, at least partially, have appeared (see e.g. Saarikoski; Paju; Saarikoski & Suominen), as well as studies pondering questions of the earliest computers and microcomputers in Finland (e.g. Suominen 2003; Saarikoski 2004; Paju).

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Associate Professor of Political Science Ron Schurin says gun control is tough to pass even if Democrats are in control of Congress because of a highly motivated minority of voters who call themselves second amendment advocates. “Those people will vote against any candidate, even if they agree with that candidate on other issues, if the candidate proposes any kind of gun safety measure. And that’s what’s kept a lot of politicians, including Democrats, from being the advocates of gun safety they might want to be,” Schurin explained.

Morris and co describe the above-mentioned interaction in an evolutionary context and propose the Black Queen hypothesis ..

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Robert N. Lupton, assistant professor of political science, has collaborated with two other assistant professors to create an analysis that questions why Republicans struggle to govern, despite controlling Congress and the White House. They examined Democratic and Republican delegates’ attitudes toward 10 issues in each year that covered the major policy domains in U.S. politics, and their findings showed that the Democratic coalition is significantly more ideologically unified than the Republican. What does this mean for the future? “Legislating will continue to be difficult for Republicans in Congress as long as deep disagreements on major policy issues continue to divide GOP elites,” they write.

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Puerto Rico plunged into darkness last week after the second major hurricane in a month. The island is projected to be without power for six months or more – which reflects vulnerabilities that lie not just in their infrastructure, but also in their dependence on fossil fuels and the disadvantages it faces with its status as a US territory rather than a state. Associate Professor of Political Science Charles Venator-Santiago comments on how budget limitations have halted infrastructure development in Puerto Rico, and what role the US government plays in such funding.

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2) There's nothing about the Black Queen Hypothesis that says the organism contributing the "leaky" genetic function is sacrificing its fitness, as is the case in parasite/host relationships.

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So why does this matter? Why is it important that we acknowledge the Egyptians don't fit into our constructed dichotomy of black vs. white, of European or African? Well, for one thing many modern Egyptians . Despite their modern self-identification as Arabs, most Egyptians still feel a strong claim to the historical legacy of their ancient forebears and find it pretty annoying when American scholars (and, black or white, it is mostly Americans) try to pigeonhole the pharaohs into one racial category or another for political purposes.

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The answer may lie in what biologist Jeff Morris calls the Black Queen Hypothesis. He and his colleagues describe the reasoning behind this novel evolutionary theory in the latest issue of mBio: