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The University requires an annual evaluation of each graduate student’s progress toward Ph.D. candidacy and thesis defense. To this end, a Research Progress Committee (RPC) is formed for every student during the spring quarter of the second year of graduate study. Students must demonstrate proficiency in giving technical talks through an oral presentation to the RPC.

Ph.D. Physics Specialization in Computational Science

Physics 200A (Theoretical Mechanics)

Physics 212A (Quantum Mechanics)

What was the experimental support for this claim? There were several experimentsconcerning the electrodynamics of moving bodies that are not very well known today; butEinstein knew of numerous examples. Many of these experiments were reviewed inH.A. Lorentz's important paper .Lorentz showed that Stokes' theory of light, which assumed complete dragging of the aetherat the surface of the Earth and decreased to zero dragging far away, had severe problemswith aberration and the results of Arago and Airy.

Physics 200B (Theoretical Mechanics)

3003 is the only number known to appear 8 times in Pascal's triangle(10/22/13) (10/21/13) (10/19/13) (10/18/13) (10/17/13) (10/16/13) (10/15/13) (10/14/13) (10/13/13)

From: Instrumenta chyrurgiae et icones anathomicae, by Ambroise Paré.

Much more accurate version of the basic concept of Arago's experiment, using aterrestrial source and a square (ring) interferometer with one side in water and three inair. The null result is consistent with Arago's result and with Fresnel's dragcoefficient, and with SR.

S./Study of Low Frequency Instabilities in Toroidal Plasma:A Thesis

In addition there is the “standard model extension (SME)” ofColladay and Kostelecký that extends the standard model of particle physics with variousplausible Lorentz-violating terms. This is in the context of quantum field theory,and is well beyond the scope of this article (which is limited to SR and its immediateconsequences). The goal of many of the recent tests is to put limits on the manyparameters of this test theory. , and

French woman, on bench, with hat, smoking cigarette.(08/23/17)

Airy tested whether stellar aberration remained unchanged if the telescope was filledwith water. It did, in agreement with the prediction of SR.

Physics 210A (Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics)

The Special Theory of Relativity (SR) is a theory invented in 1905 by Einstein toexplain several experimental results. Since then it has been found to explain a widerange of experimental results. SR is not a mathematical game or just ahypothesis. SR is a physical theory that has been well tested many times.

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Measured the speed of light in moving materials. The Fresnel drag coefficient issolidly established by experiments, and is consistent with SR to within experimentalresolutions.

Illustration in a medieval translation of Euclid's Elements, c.

Many measurements of the speed of light involve the passage of the light through somematerial medium. This can invalidate some conclusions of the measurement due to theextinction theorem of Ewald and Oseen. This theorem states that the speed of lightwill approach the speed / relative to the medium ( isits index of refraction), and it also determines how long a path length is required forthat approach. The distance required depends strongly on the index of refraction ofthe medium and the wavelength: for visible light and optical glass it is less than amicron, for air it is about a millimeter, and for the intergalactic medium it is a fewparsecs. So even astronomical observations over vast distances in the“vacuum” of outer space are not immune from the effects of this theorem. Note this theorem is based purely on classical electrodynamics, and for gamma raysdetected as individual particles it does not apply; it is also not clear how it wouldapply to theories other than SR and classical electrodynamics. See for instance:, , and . An elementary discussion isgiven in . The standardreference for this is , and theoriginal paper is .