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FUTURE PLANS--During the next year we will complete amanual for prosthetists describing the design andimplementation of the four-function control system. Inaddition, we will continue our cooperative efforts toidentify unresolved clinical problems.

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Thus far, development has been steady. Manufacture ofprototype was completed in the Bloorview MacMillan CentreMachine Shop, resulting in a lightweight unit with aknee-to-foot length of approximately 13-14 inches, suitablefor children of this age group. In order to ensuresatisfactory strength of the components for testing oncentre clients, cyclic testing of the device was carried outto meet International Standards Organisation test standardsfor lower-limb prosthetics. An electro-pneumatic testingdevice was developed to fatigue the knee unit over 6 millioncycles to ensure design integrity. The knee was successfulin exceeding these testing standards. Presently clienttesting of the device has been undertaken.

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PURPOSE--The purpose of this research project is todevelop a running prosthesis that will enable smooth andefficient gait for children between the ages of 5 and 12with a transfemoral amputation.


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Myoelectric prostheses are well accepted by persons withtransradial amputations but less accepted by those withhigher level ones. The primary limitation at present lies inthe control system. Although these systems have beensuccessful for single device control (hand or elbow), theextension to the control of more than one device (eithersimultaneously or sequentially) has been difficult. It isthe control systems that now limits the performance and, attimes, the acceptance of the prosthetic fitting. For theperson with transhumeral or higher amputation and especiallyfor those with bilateral amputations, the need for improvedcontrol systems for multifunction prostheses is critical.

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PURPOSE--The purpose of this project is to develop amyoelectric control system that is easy to operate yetprovides control of many independent prosthetic limbfunctions.

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PURPOSE--Prosthetics Research Study (PRS) iscompleting an integrated program of eight research anddevelopment projects which address the continuum of care ofthe amputee from prevention of amputation to objectivemeasurement of functional outcomes.

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FUTURE PLANS--The results of the projects are to becombined into a prototype of a voluntary closing handprosthesis. With this prototype the principal hypothesiswill be evaluated: are voluntary closing hand prosthesesindeed better controllable than voluntary openingdevices?

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During the second or current stage of the project, amicroprocessor-based multifunction control system has beendesigned that incorporates results from this project as wellas the latest advances in electronic hardware. The currentprototype is the result of several design iterations whichhave reduced the size and power consumption of the controlsystem. The current device uses surface mount technology onmultilayer circuit boards to achieve an approximate size of1.5×2.5×0.5 in (3.80×6.35×1.27 cm) and can be builtinto the prosthetic arm. The device operates on standard 6volt NiCad batteries, drawing approximately 40 mA.