Master of Science, Engineering - Environmental Engineering

Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor. Special topics of interest with emphasis placed on recent developments in civil and/or environmental engineering.

Applied Mathematics for Civil and Environmental Engineering

1. Which graduate degrees are offered by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering?

Master of Engineering (Thesis-based Route)

Function is a graduate transportation design master thesis by the major subject related fields.
Best Transportation and Highway Engineering The Master of Transportation Engineering Students select a topic of interest for their Master of Science thesis.
Master of Science in Civil Engineering Transportation Engineering and thesis committee to map out their graduate program and thesis requirements.

EVG 6300 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering I (3 units)

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Master of Science / Doctor of Philosophy in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

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Master Thesis Environmental Engineering Germany

This program provides engineers with advanced knowledge and skills in sustainable development and environmental management. You will develop a broad understanding of environmental management practice, while investigating themes that focus on waste management, energy and water resources. You will model and analyse the environmental impacts of engineering solutions and discover the best ways to manage the environmental aspects of business.

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The department offers Master of Science (M.S.) and Master of Engineering (M.E.) degrees in Civil Engineering with concentration in Transportation Engineering. Table CEE-3 summarizes the requirements for the M.S. and M.E. degrees in the Transportation Engineering concentration. Note that for the M.S. option students must pass an oral thesis defense examination. For the M.E. project option students must pass an oral project defense examination. For the M.E. course option, student must pass an oral comprehensive examination at the end of all course work.

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Best Master's Degrees in Environmental Engineering 2018

All Master of Engineering (course-based) students in the Environmental Engineering specialization will be required to complete 30 units (5.0 full-course equivalents) as follows:

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The program has a strong industry focus with at least half of all subjects led by industry practitioners. You may also undertake a research project in industry as part of your course. You will develop skills in an environmental sector of your own interest. Topics covered will range from air pollution, water and wastewater, municipal solid wastes, cleaner production, environmental management systems, noise, vibration, water resources management and energy resources management, to politics, the law and the economy. This program will suit qualified engineers wanting to upskill, change their career, or extend their current knowledge of environmental engineering.

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Master of Engineering (course-based route) in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering and Civil Engineering, with a specialization in Environmental Engineering