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The aim of the course is to transfer master thesis in project management to students a research and analysis methodology that can be applied to various project based activities including car design The ultimate resource to construction project management.

Project Management Master Thesis

Master Thesis In Project Management

Master Thesis Project Management

The aim of my thesis work is to test an innovative approach based on Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology for Infrastructure design. Starting from. the documentation provided by A.N.A.S, the company that manages the Italian road and motorway network, it was possible to test the process by referring it to a particular case study: Gallery Serra Rotonda of the new A3 motorway in Basilicata.
My interest on the subject is due to the fact that BIM methodology should provide an important opportunity for process optimization, as well as to facilitate the project, introducing higher quality and at the same time a cost saving. Thanks to a management of the entire life cycle, all the projects that use a BIM based approach allow to evaluate different scenarios, identify and anticipate risks and opportunities acting in real time.
After careful analysis of documentation provided by ANAS, thesis work is divided into three main phases:

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Testing BIM on Serlone, in Locana Valley, had the aims to provide an alternative and transferable method to design and modeling hamlets through parametric software and offer suggestions to use the model during the phases of recovery.
Thanks to the management and elaboration of the inserted graphic data in the model, it was possible to obtain a general complete framework of Serlone’s real state representing the starting point to set up recovery projects.
The idea of creating a “library” of technical elements of traditional alpine architecture was born to satisfy the following needs:
– to supply Revit families for mountain architecture (doors, windows, chimneys, railings, etc.) downloadable from web;
– to support other alpine technicians both in modeling and project phases to avoid alterations and falsifications of common typology of the alpine building tradition.
Despite the longer time needed to model by BIM respect to traditional CAD, it is possible to observe the BIM’S advantages on the long period for the information management and the documents processing, especially in urban projects, where there are many data to control and coordinate.

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The program requires 33 hours of coursework and may be taken either full-time or part-time. Full-time students who already have taken all required prerequisites may be able to complete the program in one full year (3 semesters) of study. Part-time students and full-time students who need prerequisites will typically need from 1 1/2 to 3 years to complete the degree.
Early in the first semester, a student and the program advisor will work together to complete a formal Program of Study that will define a coherent sequence of courses to satisfy the student's objectives. A student may have the option to complete a Master's Thesis or a Practicum project, depending upon the availability and approval of a faculty sponsor.

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Energy saving is one of the main objectives of last years; for this reason, a lot of methods have been developed and applied. The main purpose of this master thesis is to present the urban scale application of BIM (Building Information Modelling) under the European DIMMER project. The aim of this project is to reduce the energy consumption of existing buildings and the real-time monitoring of some parameters such as the trend of the internal temperature, relative humidity and the environmental comfort. In this master’s thesis I tried to achieve the prearranged objectives of the DIMMER project, using only the potentiality of the BIM methodology. The energy analysis of parametric models has been useful to analyse the systems energy consumption, the internal temperatures profiles and the environmental comfort conditions. The results obtained were compared with real data monitored inside the building. This comparison allows to validate the process applied and consequently establish that the parametric model has been created correctly.

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