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- one of the key persons who started the NAFA Alumni Association.
Yam Yok Lun - NAFA Alumni, painter and art educator.
- painter from Shanxi, China, who is a Housemate of The Other House at 66 Rowell Road.
- photographic artist who showed at in New York in 2005.
Yang Yingsu, Pearl - ceramist who captures the form of corals, WITAS artist.
- painter who studied under Leo Hee Tong, and conducted a fund-raising show at Utterly Art.
Yap Lee Hoon - WITAS artist.
- showed at 2003.
Yau Tian Yau - artist.
Yazer Azid - artist who uses film media.
- born 1973: painter of close-up of roses, solo show Flowerism at Utterly Art in 2004.
- website: Flowerism.
- born 1971: her show , at the Substation Singapore, where she used wall-paint, candy-floss machine, and polystyrene mini-bubbles.
- on her ; herballoon works are whimsical performances involving a participatory audience,such as and ; she is nonetheless known as one of the leading contemporary lights in visual artsamong the new Singaporean generation artists.
- biodata of the artist at 2003, who was the head of LaSalle MFA admissions program.
- on her .
- Black Forest Cake Project in 2004.
- her show in Belgrade.
- founder of Ten Men Group, afounding member of the Society of South-east Asian artists, this late artiststudied at the Shanghai Art Academy and was an art educator.
Yeh Woey Lee -member of group 90 - studio nude illustration group.
- born 1971: website: educated at San Francisco Art Institute, Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts, Masters of Arts at the National Institute of Education, drawings are evocative of surreal, mythical landscapes and stories, special experiences in Tibet and India shaped her works.
- born 1969: MFA from Glasgow School of Art, asculptor and installation artist; is an immensepresence at the Nokia Singapore Art 2001, where a strong grid axis leads to atilted gateway, spiraling into a center of the labyrinth where a man lies in suspended animation, a work emblematic of the angst of existence, SSS member.
- wins the Open Category of the 2nd CDL Singapore Sculpture Award.
Yeo Eng Hin - painter, NAFA 1977, ENSBA 1980, solo show in Paris.
- born 1935: studied at La Ecole des Beaux, Paris in the 1950’s, works in studios in Malaysia and Singapore, is a Sunjin Galleries stable artist.
Yeo Kian Hwee, Andrew - artist.
Yeo Puay Hwa, Jesvin - lecturer in Visual Communications at NAFA in 2005.
- born 1975: website: graduate with a marketing degree from the National University of Singapore, she also attended the Arts Institute of San Francisco, she works with calligraphic abstract painting works on canvas, founder of Instinc in 2004.
- painter artist who hasbeen trained at LaSalle and spent a year at San Francisco and who has participated in the show, and whose works on paper were captured in .
- her show with Tan Wyn-Layn in Melbourne 2004.
- her group show ...
- born 1957 Malaysia: emigrated to Singapore; he is knownfor his characteristic nude semi abstract figure paintings executed with graphicalcomposition, and a generous colorful palette, MASS member.
Ying Po Chong - artist.
- trained NAFA BA Fine Arts, 2005 Philip Morris Singapore Art Awards Honorable Mention.
- website: BSc (Information Systems and Computer Science)(NUS), trained NAFA Western painting, acrylic and watercolor painter.
- interior designerand artist who has participated in shows in Nagoya and Fukuoka, Japan.
- born Tokyo, attended Brentwood Art School, also studied art in London and NAFA, painter, potter, and qualified instructor of the Sogetsu School, lives in Singapore, member of SAS.
Yong Cheong Thye - practitioner of Chinese calligraphy, you can witness him working at his studio at Erskin Road in Chinatown.
- painterwho participated in the show, show, and.
Yuan, Natalie -artist that is a member of Plastique Kinetic Worms in 2002.
- artist who showed at Utterly Art in 2004, graduate of NAFA.
- interdisciplinary artist with interest in digital, film, and experimental sound works, showed at , showing a collaborative sound work with George Chua and Alwyn Lim in Singapore Biennale 2006.
-digital artist from Malaysia who is stationed in Singapore and who has participated in the show and also ; she has had shown at Substation.
- born 1972: controversial artist and curator working on installation works, a foundingmember of Utopia and Plastique Kinetic Worms, one of the editors of themagazine , and a partner of Atelier Frank and Lee.
- born 1964: Hydrogen at the 10th Biennale of Sydney and , performance and installationartist, with one work on , the performance art show that questions the notion of hyper-reality in art and popularculture, and has been active in New York.
- sound artist, son of Tang Da Wu, holds his first show Fuze in 2006.
- installation and sculptural artist who has collaborated with Lim KokHow on , works with aluminum and wood, a graduate of LaSalle.
- artist member of APAD in 2003.
- contemporary ceramics artist who challenges traditional clay forms, ran Water Rock Art.
-colorful Batik art renderings of interior of homes.
- Modern ArtSociety member.
- website - street artist.
- his participation in the show.
- born 1983: NAFA trained 2004, painter who takes inspiration from the academic figure painting sessions, creates works that are like the "skin" of humans, showcasing the different layers using the vegetable carrot as a material, presented at Rojak 04.
- born 1944 China: immigrated to Singapore in 1955, graduated NAFA and later University of Washington (Fine Arts), lived in France, contemporary abstract action-painting like and color-field like Chinese painting, now based in China.
- Malay artist member of APAD.
- born 1975: website: Malay Singaporean artist who held a solo show at Ona Arts Centre, Norway, and D.A.R.T.

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In 1960 she married the painter and sculptor William Turnbull, settling in London.
- born 1943: website: realistic watercolorist of local scenes; Chinese ink calligrapher; Nanyang style, art teacher; father of Kng Mian Tze, one-man show in 2003.
- website: (& 5 artists) received the Emerging Artists Fund for his first solo show in 2002, trained at La Salle, arts administrator at the Esplanade in 2003, oil painter with expressive renditions of flowers, known for her whimsical and humorous work of the fish painted on the wall of a hotel room, where the room becomes the tank, the daughter of Kng Choon Seng.
- NAFA 1958, oil painter with scenes of landscapes andrural scenery, 2002 show is , past president of the Equator Art Society and NAFA Alumni.
- born 1969: self-taught painter indulging in themes of prostitution in his works, travels widely across Asia, resided in China for a year.
Koh Mun Hong - Chinese painting realistic painting artist who held show at Min Heart Art in 2003 and an art resource panelist to the NAC in 2003.
- artist and researcher; former leader of Artist's Village, researcher for Fukuoka Art Museum, one of the group Nomadic Eyes Collective.
- group shows at Utterly Art in 2003.
Koh Tong Leong - watercolorist, founder member of the Singapore Watercolor Society.
Koh Xueting - NAFA trained 2004, works on his fantasies series.
Kok Zhou Dao - recipient of an award for creativity for the student category of the 2nd Singapore CDL Sculpture Competition 2005 with his layering of cut-out colored acrylic sheets sculpture installation proposal.
KongLai Ming - artist who creates interesting works, for one black and white workthat depicts thumbprints and barcodes.
- LaSalle trained artist who showed at .
- website: trained Brigham Young University Bachelor of Arts, installation artist and sculptor, works with ceramics and lanterns.
Krishnan s/o Kuruppiah - an Indian artist was resident in Malaysia for many years before working in Singapore in 2003, he uses pen and pigments to render curvaceous forms.
Kua Cheow Koon - member of Sculpture Society.
- NAFA 1960: expansive abstractpaintings that take inspiration from the Chinese culture of simplicity andserenity.
Kuet Ee Foo - photo-artist with show in 2002.
- architect-artist who exhibits with Urban Artists and Lost City, MASS member, Atelier Oasis architect, has twin brother.
Kum Chee Kiong - architect-artist who produces sculptural installations.
- born 1953 Malaysia: print-maker and installation artist who has been amember of the Wetterling Teo and Art Forum stable of artists, and who has participated in theopening of the Esplanade Visual Arts Festival.
- born 1919 Beijing - 2003: Masters degree in Fine Arts Seton Hall University, doctorate New York University: painter resided in Singapore in the 90s, Hsieh-I style of Chinese ink painting, which emphasizes expressive calligraphic brush technique and subjective feeling, best-known for his cat painting; exhibited in Singapore in the 1960s under the patronage of Lee Kong Chian, Kwo donated some paintings to the NUS Museum before his demise.
- watercolorist and art director, NAFA Alumni.
Lai Chee Kian - showed in .
Lai Kok Sen - trained NTU School of Computer Engineering with a major in Advance Computer Graphics, 2004 research engineer with NTU at the Centre for Graphics And Imaging Technology saw his research on a new animation technique being showcased in the College of Engineering Week held at NTU.
- born 1936 Malaysia: website: Singapore citizen and French-trained realistic painter of portraits andsculptor who is a popular society portrait artist, and who has painted the work , has been the subject of commentary in the press.
Lai Sen Fong - showed at the SAS 2005 show.
- shows at the Untitled Gallery in 2005 with Jeffrey Ho Kiat.
Lam Hoi Lit, aka Lin Kai Lie, aka Kai Lam,

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