which emerges from the synthesis of theory and practice in arts

The exuberant, painterly works in Doomed to Win examine gender roles through a potent synthesis of competing modes of figurative representation and abstraction, along with provocative art historical and pop cultural allusions. The exhibition is an exhilarating look back at a key moment in American painting. By recovering a long unseen body of work, the show opens the way for an ongoing revival of painting and a deeper appreciation for the accomplishments of feminist aesthetics. Bee and Griefen will address the issues and experiences that led to the creation of this body of work.

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Love surrender has a more synthier style than the tracks recently released on Bio Rhythm.

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Anyone who ever had the privilege of experiencing the ecstatic and all-embracing live improvisations of WERNER CEE (e-chin / lapsteel guitar / electronics), NORBERT GROSSMAN (synth / church organ) and EVA KORN (gongs), will understand why the South-German trio choose this archaic name for their project.

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Throughout this analysis conceptual key terms for an artistic and participatory research method are explained. These are informed by cultural and historical studies, anthropological and political theories, the arts and technical language — resulting in arts installations as temporally and spatially limited experiments, comparable to a magic circle of play. In order to enable further analysis of the intersection of philosophy, anthropology, everyday life, the art system allows the artist researcher to collect metadata of reception situations. This method of research in the arts draws on principles of game mechanics as experimental systems. As a synthesis of practice and theory, the concept of Ludics appears as an emerging research methodology that includes a potential for new critical art works. Although it still draws on separate disciplines, it intrinsically integrates the arts practice as knowledge practice, oscillating between practical theory and theoretical practice. The playful Ludic method subverts the ideological complicity of technologies and user control through philosophy and arts.

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Deep Play – Journal for Research Cultures

As we liked to say in gradschool, "is it more like art or science?" You guys do a great job ofsynthesizing and blending competing interests at the corporate level toachieve optimistic and positive future landscapes.

Research game mechanics of role-play in Neoist manifestos.

The participatory method of Deep Play synthesises a contemporary critical narrative of an emerging form of Ludics_,_ a term I have elaborated on previously in Ludics for a Ludic Society . Its particular research methodologies support the processes of subversive agency in research in relation to technologies, suggested through arts practice.

This is absolutely top shelf minimal synth/electro that even includes a Negative Approach cover for all the punks out there.

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These methods can be found in the reflections upon a playfulness discourse in three distinct disciplines: systems theory, games studies, and anthropology. From the viewpoint of these fields, the potential of the research efficacy of play in social systems and in arts research is discussed, and a pattern of problems of arts and design research is synthesised, drawing on anthropological play theories.

The result is a feast of psychedelic synth-prog, reminiscent of GÜNTER SCHICKERT, CONRAD SCHNITZLER, or MOEBIUS and ROEDELIUS.

Asparagine Synthetase Mechanism

This dark debut from the project (translated as The 13th Moon) offers a flawless form of foreboding night-sky synthesis and ominous drone, a cryptic key to the eternal lunar mysteries.

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Underground Streams (Part 2) - OnScenes

Resolutely modern synth sounds, in turn lush and vicious, combine with lyrics addressing the eternal themes of rebellion, shame and the vagaries of outrageous fortune.