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The journal is essential reading to all synthetic organic chemists

Dan O'Reilly wins first prize for best presentation in the final year Department of Chemistry, Imperial College MSci project presentations for the Organic 1 (Synthesis Methodology, Catalysis and Polymers) Session (11 talks). Congratulations to Dan!

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Our work on the Obtusallenes (J. Org. Chem. 2016, 81, 9539-9552) is cited in Prof Douglass Taber's 'Highlights of Organic Chemistry'

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Chris is promoted to Professor of Organic Chemistry.

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The New Journal for Organic Synthesis

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so that the synthesis of organic compounds has developed into ..

Medicinal chemistry deals with analysis of the chemical compounds in the form of organic molecules. Compounds commonly used in medicinal chemistry are mostly organic molecules. Medicinal chemistry mainly focuses on the small organic molecules and natural products. The main theme of medicinal chemistry is to identify the novel active chemical compounds and it provides suitable SAR and chemical characteristics associated with the active medicament.