The Department of Chemistry offers two master of science degrees

In Simple words Non-Thesis Masters program is similar to what most of the students might have done in Under-Graduation. Every semester had a certain set of subjects and by clearing the exam for each subject you complete that subject. This is Non-Thesis.

Marine Biology - Masters (thesis and non-thesis) and Ph.D

The Department of Chemistry administers a masters program with thesis and non-thesis options

= Master of Engineering (Non-Thesis) Master – Non-Thesis; M.B.A

The Non-Thesis Master Program sees its role in providing high quality non-thesis professional education that will enable its graduates to meet effectively the demands of the modern society. These programs are especially well suited to professionals who may wish to pursue careers in other field of specialization needed in the industry but does not require a thesis, research project, and is more oriented to formal coursework. There is considerable flexibility in designing the degree plan to fit the student’s particular needs and expectations.

Master of Engineering (MEng) Non - Thesis Option

what is the difference in jobs secured by a thesis and a non-thesis based master’s student? can you please name some specific job hold by these two?
thanks in advance

Program; Thesis Based Masters Program; Early Entry Master's Program; Non-Thesis Masters Program; ..

Master’s of Science Degree Program

The program is a non-thesis option and requires only on-line coursework.
Although many are, applicants do not need to be employed in the chemical
industry. A total of 36 credits are required; most (at least 21) need to be from
chemistry. Additional coursework (at least 9 credits) is required in a second area
of specialization such as education, business or clinical research.

More information can be found on our website: or in
the or at Graduate School website:

On that page, you can find a link to the catalog and to admissions. The deadline
(all materials must be received by this date) to apply for fall admission is June 15
and for spring admission, November 15.

A major factor in admissions decisions is how a person did as an
undergraduate. Generally we look for a GPA of at least 3.0 and a strong
chemistry background. Work experience, recommendations, and the GRE are
also considered. Although an undergraduate degree in chemistry is helpful,
many of our corporate and traditional graduate students have undergraduate
degrees in other disciplines (often biology) but have taken several chemistry
courses as an undergraduate.

Typically, it is almost impossible for a person to get an advanced degree in
science while working full-time. This program has been designed to make it
possible. If there is any interest, I would be happy to answer any questions or
discuss the program in greater detail.

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The objective of the non-thesis M.S. program is to provide an alternate pathway for students to obtain an M.S. degree in chemistry that does not involve an in-depth research project or a thesis. This degree option is intended for area residents whose current work responsibilities, or intellectual property issues with their employer, preclude the possibility of conducting the requisite research for the traditional research-based M.S. degree. School teachers, non-traditional students, and employees of local industry who want to earn an M.S. degree for promotions and/or to meet eligibility requirements for teaching positions at regional community colleges may wish to pursue this degree option.

offers two masters degree programs: Non-Thesis ..

Thesis Vs Non Thesis Masters Computer Science

Non-thesis option is designed to be more flexible and is tailored for students who don’t necessarily need a great deal of research training. Non-Thesis involves classes that you need to attend and write an exam after completion of certain courses in your degree. It will have structured set of subjects that you can choose and write an exam to clear each subject. It also contains projects, but those are called mini-projects which you will encounter during your last semester. So students who are not interested in great deal of research and are interested in switching to professional career should take up Non-Thesis Masters Program.

Master in Food Science: Non-Thesis - FBNS

What to choose: Thesis or Non-Thesis option for a Masters program and which option is the best. So this post will entirely focus on the difference between Thesis and Non-Thesis.

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To Conclude I would say, Thesis is for those students who want to pursue extensive research in their Masters program and Non-Thesis are for those who are not interested in Research and are more focused towards starting their professional career after Masters.