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Our purpose here is to shed further light on that connection, based principally onhydrographic measurements in the western Greenland Sea and Fram Strait during 1987. Wefind that several distinct saline Arctic Ocean sources contribute to the intermediate anddeep hydrographic structure of the Greenland Sea, and that while much of the saline ArcticOcean outflow recirculates in the Greenland Sea, a significant portion continues into theIceland Sea. We also find clear evidence of mixing between GSDW and deep waters from theArctic Ocean, including the production of NSDW; some of this production occurs in northernFram Strait. Variability in the supply of source waters (either warm and saline AODW orcold and fresher GSDW) will lead to changes in the hydrographic structure of the Greenlandand Norwegian seas. Such a situation appears to have occurred during the past decade, withreduced convection in the Greenland Sea (but persisting outflow from the Arctic Ocean)resulting in a warmer and less dense deep regime.

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Endicott is the third largest Alaskan North Slope field with an ..

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Ongoing fluid flow may be occurring in the interior part of the North Slope foreland ..
Note that in moving away from the saline core over the slope (station 231), the salinity ..

Regional evaluation of formation fluid salinity by SP …

3. The lesser Caucasus, running in the general direction of northwest to southeast like the Caucasus, has a more complicated structure than the latter. The Cretaceous and Jurassic sediments are mixed with numerous secondary and tertiary granite batholiths and ultrabasic intrusions (gabbroes, perioditites) that are aligned along the chains of the Shachdag (Ginaldag, 3,367 m; Gyamyshdag, 3,724 m) and of Karabakh (Dalidag, 3,616 m). The whole system culminates in the Sang-e Sūr mountains (Mt. Kopydzhikh, 3,916 m), with material that is essentially Eocene (volcanic-sedimentary facies); their southwest slopes define the autonomous region of Nakhichevan (Naḵjavān), beyond the Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia. Vast Neocene volcanic overflows crown the edifice.

Multidecadal Variability of North Atlantic Temperature and Salinity during the Twentieth Century I

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Since 1985 various investigators have proposed that Norwegian Sea deep water (NSDW) isformed by mixing of warm and saline deep water from the Arctic Ocean with the much colderand fresher deep water formed by convection in the Greenland Sea (GSDW). We here report onnew observations which suggest significant modification and expansion of this conceptualmodel. We find that saline outflows from the Arctic Ocean result in several distinctintermediate and deep salinity maxima within the Greenland Sea; the southward transport ofthe two most saline modes is probably near 2 Sv. Mixing of GSDW and the main outflow corefound over the Greenland slope, derived from about 1700 m in the Arctic Ocean, cannot byitself account for the properties of NSDW. Instead, the formation of NSDW must at least inpart involve a source which in the Arctic Ocean is found below 2000 m. The mixing of thevarious saline outflows is diapycnal. While significant NSDW production appears to occurin northern Fram Strait, large amounts of saline Arctic Ocean outflow also traverse thewestern Greenland Sea without mixing and enter the Iceland Sea. During the past decade,deep convection in the Greenland Sea has been greatly reduced, while deep outflow from theArctic Ocean appears to have continued, resulting in a markedly warmer, slightly moresaline, and less dense deep regime in the Greenland Sea.

The immense number of individual salt lakes and saline wetlands in this region of North ..

core sample was prepared to the representative initial water.

Trevor Crozier specializes in hydrogeology and has over twenty years of international consulting experience. He has applied his expertise to mine water management, mine dewatering, tailings and water storage dam design and construction, slope depressurization and stabilization, environmental assessment, permitting, compliance monitoring and contaminated sites investigation, remediation and regulatory closure. He has worked in a variety of northern, temperate and tropical regions.