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In conclusion, I’ve answered your four questions, George, even though they’re not necessarily the most important questions. I’ve not even touched on those issues that matter most to the many people that remain hostile to or about nuclear power: radiation risk, radioactive waste management, fuel supply and manufacture, decommissioning, coastal siting, water availability, flooding and so on.

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A reason against banning Nuclear power is that it provides a lot of our energy ..

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The nuclear power debate is mind-bogglingly complicated, but even a the densest TV interviewer can be made to understand that nuclear power should be insured in the 30 seconds of allotted time available. the insurance point encapsulates nuclear power's safety and economic weakness in a single sound bite.

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With climate change effects being observed widely and frequently around the globe, the impetus for immediate deployment for clean air technologies, such as nuclear and renewable energy, has come to the forefront in all parts of the world alike. In this rush to provide cleaner alternatives to fossil fuel, nuclear power has emerged as one of the most promising candidates. Nuclear energy has proven its viability over the past 60 years in the United States, Europe, and Japan. It is a sustainable source which can be used to cater to large energy demands, and has one of the lowest carbon foot-prints even when compared to other clean-air alternatives. Assured by its capabilities, the Government of India plans to draw as much as 25% of its energy needs from nuclear by the year 2050, however, India's installed nuclear capacity today is less than 4%.

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My interest in the nuclear subject began with a nodding acquaintance of the physics of the atom. But a combination of my introspective nature, a curiosity about spiritual matters, my experience of family and community life, and of working at Dounreay, have brought me round to a substantial interest in the metaphysics of the atom. To the point that I think all these weighted discussions and arguments about nuclear power, and the anti-nuclear sentiment, take us away from looking into the Atomic World and the processes of nuclear power with the curiosity and wonderment that they deserve.
I would mention that I worked as a geologist in Canada as a young man, involved for a while in a search for uranium. That work acquainted me with the physics of the atom. I remember being especially intrigued by the central axiom of nuclear physics - how "four interactive forces" are sufficient to explain all the behaviour of the particles.
Now, this is where I need to go off on a tangent: to say that I was newly married about that time, and busy with my wife raising our three children. In this situation, influenced I am sure by the inquisitive habit that is a common trait amongst geologists (and part of our normal human nature) I came to see that these same 'four forces' that nuclear physics identifies in the nucleus of every atom, were equally present within our young family, and contributed significantly in creating relationships of harmony and loyalty (and friction) amongst us all.
Science knows the 'four interactive forces' for their physical attributes. But they can be recognised just as well for their domestic or social characteristics. To my mind, three of them are forms of Love, the fourth (Gravity) is like a form of Authority, in the family setting.