CHEM 5220 Synthetic Organic Chemistry (LEC 3.0)

A basic study of inorganic natural and synthetic polymers, their formation and reactivity, their inherent properties, methods of characterization and applications. Prerequisite: Chem 2310 or equivalent.

CHEM 6220 Advanced Synthetic Organic Chemistry (LEC 3.0)

hours to complete several multi-step synthesis problems that often ask to identify not ..

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CHEM 3381 covers some of the same material as does CHEM 3341, as well as a Wittig reaction, a Grubbs metathesis, an aromatic multi-step synthesis lab that covers three lab periods, and synthesis of frambinone that uses aldol condensation and catalytic hydrogenation. CHEM 3381 also includes two independent projects: one week of natural product isolation, and three weeks of a synthesis project.

Organic Synthesis and Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions

The Gold Standard DAT Chemistry Book: teaches all the content required to get a great DAT score. General and Organic Chemistry covered in 400 pages in color with hundreds of practice questions in the book and online. The review and the practice are DAT specific.

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Advanced methods for the multistep synthesis and characterization of organic compounds. Modern instrumental methods of identification of organic compounds. Prerequisites: Chem 1100, Chem 2220, Chem 2229.

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A basic study of the organic chemistry of natural and synthetic high polymers, their inherent properties and their uses in plastic, fiber, rubber, resin, food, paper and soap industries. Prerequisite: Chem 1320 or Met Eng 1210. (Co-listed with MS&E 4810).

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Synthesis and Structural Analysis The general goal for CHM 326 is to develop an understanding of how chemists plan, run, purify, analyze, and report reactions with a focus on practical applications in the laboratory.

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A systematic study of organic reactions, their mechanisms and synthetic applications. Graduate students are expected to demonstrate a higher level of proficiency during assessments. Prerequisite: Chem 2220.

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Synthesis and characterization of inorganic chemicals, high and low temperature syntheses, inert atmosphere and vacuum manipulations, electrochemistry, magnetochemistry, spectroscopy (NMR, IR, UV/VIS), superconductivity. Prerequisites: Preceded or accompanied by Chem 2310 and Chem 1100.

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The use of such enolate anions from carbonyl compounds is fundamental to organic synthesis and you will already have met them as intermediates in the Aldol reaction and Claisen condensation.

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Little or no student preparation before class
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