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Based on your goals, muscle strength, occupation and activities, your prosthetist will prescribe the solution that best fits your needs. The offers more detail about this kind of conversation, and Ottobock offers additional background in .

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2 the Early History of Myoelectric Control of Prosthetic Limbs 1945–1970 will be available on

Myoelectric prosthetic hand systems — Ottobock

For upper-limb amputees, myoelectric-controlled prostheses offer the ultimate combination of function and natural appearance. Designed to mimic human anatomy and motion, electronic components are the closest alternative to an anatomical hand or arm.

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Compared to a traditional body-powered prosthesis, a myoelectric-controlled arm provides greater comfort, more range of motion, a larger functional area, and a more natural appearance. It may, however, cost and weigh more.

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Because upper-limb prostheses can end with a variety of artificial replacements for a hand, prosthetists refer to this broad assortment as “terminal devices”. With myoelectric prostheses, the options generally fall under these two categories:

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Being a part of a research institute means that we are involved in the latest research in the field of upper limb prosthetics. Our institute is world-renowned in the area of myoelectric controls and signal processing. As a result, our clients are often asked to take part in research projects.

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Conversations with your prosthetist will guide the decision on a prosthetic system. Make sure the prosthetist clearly understands your goals and challenges. Learning about myoelectric prostheses will help you discuss the options and advocate for your preference.

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The strength and speed of movements can be controlled by varying your muscle intensity. All of it happens in an instant. For those with damage to nerves or muscles in the residual limb or for people with no arms, muscles in the chest or back can be used to direct movements of a myoelectric prosthesis.

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When a myoelectric prosthesis has several joints, each joint might need to be controlled by the same muscle. Sequential control allows positioning of one joint at a time. For example, you might use a muscle contraction to signal the elbow to bend, then use another contraction to signal the hand to close. With AxonBus technology, however, it will soon be possible to control multiple joints simultaneously.

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Hybrid prostheses, which combine both myoelectric-controlled and body-powered components, is another option. A hybrid prosthesis may include a hand and wrist controlled that are myoelectrically along with an elbow that is controlled by a harness and cables worn on the torso and controlled by shoulder movements.