Overreaction Hypothesis and Reaction of Borsa Istanbul …

Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, there is always something to be learned.

Revisiting the Overreaction Hypothesis

With that said, earlier this year I wrote about the “Overreaction Hypothesis” in which violent movements - both up and down - in individual equity prices are usually matched by an equal and opposite response (the article can be read ).

The overreaction hypothesis and stock market …

and Plastun, Alex (2013): The Overreaction Hypothesis: The Case of Ukrainian Stock Market

Overreaction Hypothesis | Economies | Microeconomics

Watching SolarWinds work out as an Overreaction Hypothesis candidate has been great to watch. Unlike my call on Michael Jackson, I might just come out ahead on this one.

What is Overreaction hypothesis

Whenever we see a case of the Overreaction Hypothesis we take a long hard look at the company, the reasons behind the pricing event, and the relationship between the new price and estimated fair value.

All of economics is meant to be about people’s behavior

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