Parentheses separate special sections of text within sentences.

A parenthesis is described as "a word or sentence inserted into a passage to which it is not grammatically essential." The fact of the ordinary laws of grammar being thus by-passed would invest the parenthesis with an importance unique to itself, an axiom which the parentheses of Scripture amply demonstrate. We refer to just a few well-known passages.

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When a complete sentence occurs in parentheses in the middle of a larger sentence, it should neither be capitalized nor end with a period—though a question mark or exclamation point is acceptable.

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It is generally accepted that the whole of Ephesians 3 from verse 2 to the end is also one of Paul's parentheses — and rich indeed is its content. The revelation of the mystery; the unsearchable riches of the Christ; the manifold wisdom of God and His eternal purpose; the riches of His glory; the breadth and length and depth and height of the divine realm; the love of Christ which passeth knowledge; the fulness of God; the abounding ability of our God; the power which worketh in us. As we contemplate something of the greatness and importance of these precious truths, so uniquely dear to the heart of the apostle, we can surely join again in his doxology — "Unto Him be glory in the Church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen."

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In Acts 10 Peter, speaking to Cornelius, insists upon these rights of Christ — "The word which God sent unto the children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ;" and then we have the short but delightfully expressive parenthesis — "He is Lord of all." The apostle had heard the voice "from the excellent glory" telling the Father's delight in Christ; he had been an eyewitness "of His majesty" and he, so to speak, interrupts his discourse to Cornelius in order to express his heartfelt appreciation of the universal supremacy of his Lord. Blessed indeed to find our own affections in full accord with Peter's word — "He is Lord of all."

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Micah 5:2, although not so shown in the Authorised Version, is in parenthesis (see New Translation), and the context shows this to be so — verse 3 is the judgment of God consequent upon the sin of verse 1, which verse plainly refers to Christ as recorded in the gospels — "they struck Him on the face" (Luke 22:64, etc.). With what delight would the Spirit of God indite this second verse, truly a scintillating gem against the dark background of rejection and scorn. This blessed One — refused and set at nought by His own nation — is the Eternal God, "Whose goings forth are from of old, from the days of eternity." His coming into Manhood amidst the lowly circumstances of "Bethlehem-Ephratah" was the beginning of a pathway of suffering and death and yet of triumph and victory, and He, the risen Lord, shall yet be established and acknowledged as the "Ruler in Israel." Eternal in His Person, eternal in His love, He shall reign supreme in the splendour of the world-to-come and shall be the Object too of eternal praise and worship.

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This means that if I write a sentence (I don’t mean with a pen) the words ‘I don’t mean with a pen’ are a parenthesis, and the marks at the beginning and end of them are parentheses.

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Verses 20-28 in 1 Corinthians are most obviously a parenthesis (see New Translation); the context would indicate this to be so, verse 19 so definitely connecting with verse 29. The content of this section is beyond the scope of the present paper, but is replete with the greatest truths. The assertion of the truth of Christ's resurrection; the establishing thus of a realm in which the living God can bring to fruition His eternal purpose of blessing and glory; the precious features of the new Head — "in Christ all shall be made alive" — in contrast to the state of death consequent upon Adam's failure in headship; every enemy, including death itself, annulled, and everything seen in subjection under the feet of Christ, who will hand the kingdom over to God in all its pristine beauty and in absolute accord with God's own mind and desires. And, finally, the introduction of the eternal state in which God is "all in all." Precious truths indeed!

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Whatever the material inside the parentheses, it must not be grammatically integral to the surrounding sentence. If it is, the sentence must be recast. This is an easy mistake to avoid. Simply read your sentence without the parenthetical content. If it makes sense, the parentheses are acceptable; if it doesn’t, the punctuation must be altered.