essay and Compare photosynthesis cellular respiration.

We will use glucose as an illustration of an organic molecule used in cellular respiration since glucose is a common energy source for cells.

Aerobic Respiration takes place in three stages which are summarized here starting with the original glucose molecule.

Glycolysis is the first step in cellular respiration and all cells regardless of the type of cellular respiration they do are able to carry out glycolysis.

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Describe the role of ATPase in photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

What is the formula for cellular respiration and photosynthesis?

They make sugar and oxygen.
What are stomata?
What do we know about respiration so far?
Cellular respiration occurs in the mitochondria.
The mitochondria provides energy that plant and animal cells need to grow and repair themselves.
Sugar and oxygen are the ingredients for cellular respiration.

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What is the photosynthesis and respiration cycle?
Where does cellular respiration occur?
a) mitochondria
b) chloroplast
c) cell wall
d) nucleus
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We can explain the photosynthesis and respiration cycle and provide examples of how it occurs with 90% accuracy.
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The overall (unbalanced) chemical equation for cellular respiration is: ..

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(3) Anaerobic Sulfide Oxidation - 2H2S + O2 2S + 2H2O, mediated by to yield small amount of free energy (see Figures , and i) only suitable for single celled organisms.
(4) Oxidation of Carbohydrate - CnH2nOn + nO2 nCO2 + nH2O + energy, the respiration process producing large amount of free energy (see Figures , and i) used by multicellular organisms.

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In the same way cells take the energy from the "food" and package that energy into manageable bursts that provide just the right amount of energy for the organism's activities be those activities driving a car or flashing a light to attract a mate.

The point of cellular respiration is to harvest electrons from organic compounds such as glucose and use that energy to make a molecule called ATP.

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Fermentation is a "respiration" which does not use oxygen and which for thisreason is called anaerobic.