Photosynthesis and negative entropy production.

Base of this pyramid is occupied by organisms which are utilizing photosynthesis for extraction of energy and negative entropy from the Sun's radiation.

Photosynthesis and negative entropy production

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This describes , which evolved after the development of photosynthetic life on Earth began to raise the concentration of atmospheric oxygen. Oxygen is a poison to most life processes at the cellular level, and it is believed that aerobic respiration developed as a means to protect organisms from this peril. Those that did not adapt have literally “gone underground” and constitute the more primitive anaerobic bacteria.

For photosynthesis, entropy is decreasing, IOW &#8710;S<0

It requires a great deal of energy input in the form of sunlight, and the cumulative generation of entropy, first during the photosynthesis of glucose, and then through the respiration of glucose back into carbon dioxide and water (not to mention all of the other processes of life which go into circulating glucose through the biome) guarantees that the entropy always increases.

The entropy of the material used in the process of photosynthesis is decreased due to negative-entropy-driven structuring of this matter.
Animals use the Sun's energy and negative entropy indirectly and are therefore dependant on photo-synthesizing species.

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A common error in informal discussions of entropy involves the entropy changes in photosynthesis. This has just been analyzed in terms of the second law and energy. The following is a recapitulation in terms of entropy.

In this applet, we will trace the generation of entropy in detail from photosynthesis to one of three conclusions:

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If the Earth were closed to the solar flow, which is low-entropyenergy made generally available to the biosphere throughphotosynthesis, all life would eventually cease.

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Recent advances in biotechnology have made possible studies on the utilization of biological processes such as photosynthesis for energy production.The use of natural energy involves the control of entropy.