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Advanced underwater fluorometer offering saturation pulse analysis of photosynthesis in situ. First PAM system permitting spectral analysis of light as well as of sample reflectance and fluorescence.

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The most portable, fully integrated photosynthesis system for high level research

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Our product range covers a wide range of applications covering photosynthesis and cellular respiration research including oxygen measurement systems, chlorophyll fluorescence measurement systems and chlorophyll content measurement systems.

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Hansatech Instruments is a small, British, scientific instrument company located in the heart of rural Norfolk. For over 35 years, our efforts have been concentrated towards the design & manufacture of high quality oxygen electrode and chlorophyll fluorescence measurement systems for the studies of cellular respiration & photosynthesis research.

WALZ - one of the worlds top producers of highly sophisticated photosynthesis measuring systems.
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14/02/2012 · Detailing the optimality of photosynthesis in cyanobacteria through systems biology analysis

Photosynthesis - perfect chemistry in Nature

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