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This is a creative problem solving fine art studio course designed to serve as an introduction to the historical precedents, theories, processes and materials utilized in the realization and production of Contemporary Ceramic art. Emphasis will be placed on developing a variety of hand-building techniques and attaining a basic understanding of claybody composition and properties. Also included will be an introduction to slips, glazes, and firing techniques. In addition, this class will focus on developing content, and learning about artists (both ceramic artists and artists working in other media) of both past and present. We will consider Ceramics in a variety of contexts such as: Ceramics, Communication, Commentary, Commodity, Celebration and Critique.

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Cellular Respiration quotes - Read more quotes and sayings about Cellular Respiration.

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Federalism and Multilevel Governance in the EU. Students taking this course will learn about the different types of federalism in a comparative US-Europe context. In examining the relationship between various levels of government in the EU, the multi-level character of the Union will emerge. The complex relationship between levels of government will be examined.

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This is an advanced business course in sustainability. It examines sustainability concepts in various businesses and industries. Students will explore the challenges and opportunities that businesses face when becoming "greener" and integrating sustainability practices throughout the supply chain. In addition, students will learn about alternative enterprise models and the effect of value-producing sustainable business practices in both local and global business settings.

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Since the beginning of time , the fear of aging has preoccupied mankind. Only recently we are gaining insights into important clues about biological process of aging. In this course we will focus on some of the ideas about aging put forward by early alchemists to modern molecular biologists. Biological principles behind anti-aging, aging intervention agents, and life-style options will be discussed.

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The course serves as a continuation of English 1101 and as an introduction to more sophisticated study of argument and textual analysis, focusing on the composition of increasingly and complex analytical essays about written and visual texts. Students must demonstrate advanced competency in critical analysis and interpretation of texts.

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This course introduces students to the history, traditions, and philosophy of criminal courts in America. It focuses on the organizational structures of the courts at the local, state, and federal levels. Students will learn about the various legal actors(e.g., judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys) and the roles they play in the courtroom. Finally, this course examines the nature of criminal law and the procedures that must be followed when defendants enter the judicial system from arraignment to sentencing.

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This course will examine the history of youth gangs in the U.S. and how gangs have changed over time. Students will learn about contemporary gangs and their activities, why youths join gangs and how gangs relate to the larger society.

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This course provides an introduction to important concepts of classroom assessment including the nature of assessment, its purposes, and essential assessment practices in relation to national/state/county-mandated assessments. Students will be able to define assessment and learn about the different types of classroom assessment, implementation of formative and summative assessments, evaluation and selection of assessments, the development of aligned assessments, and the uses of assessment to improve learning and instructional practice.