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What wavelengths of light (color) does chlorophyll use?
Blue portion of the electromagnetic Spectrum, then followed by the red portion.
-The lower the light intensity, the slower the rate of photosynthesis is.

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Photosynthetic pigments use primarily the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum ..

What Is the Importance of Chlorophyll for Photosynthesis?

Visible-light observatories in space avoid the turbulence of the Earth's atmosphere. Inaddition, they can observe a somewhat wider portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, inparticular ultraviolet light that is absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere. The Hubble SpaceTelescope is perhaps the most famous optical telescope in orbit. Also in orbit is theKepler observatory. Kepler is using visible light to survey a portion of the Milky Way to discover planetary systems. The Swift satellite also carries an UltraViolet andOptical Telescope (the UVOT) to perform observations of.

What is Imaging Spectroscopy (Hyperspectral Imaging)?

X-ray wavelengths are another portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that are blockedby Earth's atmosphere. X-rays also pose a particular challenge because they are so smalland energetic that they don't bounce off mirrors like lower-energy forms of light. Instead, they pass right through. Unless they just barely graze the surface of themirror. (Read more about how X-rays are focused on the page.)

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very small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum