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Provides a foundation of theoretical knowledge in order to understand the principles of the use of water in fire protection and to apply hydraulic principles to analyze and solve water supply problems. (Usually offered in the spring semester.)

Visualization and analysis of 3D microscopic images

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Principles of 3D Image Analysis and Synthesis

Algorithms for scene understanding and realistic image synthesis require accurate models of the way real-world materials scatter light. This class describes recent work in the graphics community to measure the spatially- and directionally-varying reflectance and subsurface scattering of complex materials, and to develop efficient representations and analysis tools for these datasets. We describe the design of acquisition devices and capture strategies for BRDFs and BSSRDFs, efficient factored representations, and a case study of capturing the appearance of human faces.

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Emphasizes applying and synthesizing ideas. Includes ways to detect organization, summarize, make inferences, draw conclusions, evaluate generalizations, recognize differences between facts and opinions, and introduces other advanced comprehension strategies. May also include comprehensive library skills. Credits are not applicable toward graduation.

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Introduces chemical principles and applies them to environmental issues. Covers the fundamental principles, concepts, and language of general, organic, inorganic, and biochemistry. Addresses topics associated with matter/energy, nuclear chemistry, air and water quality, and wastes. Laboratories will include sampling, analysis, and generation of statistically-valid data while preparing students to think like environmental scientists. Environmental Sustainability Designation: Course content related to the study of sustainable development.

Visualization and analysis of 3D microscopic images ..

Emphasizes general pharmacology for health information professionals; covers general principles of drug actions/reactions, major drug classes, specific agents within each class, and routine mathematical calculation needed to determine desired dosages.

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Our group performs basic and applied research on image and video analysis & synthesis with a strong focus on stereo processing, image matting, high dynamic range imaging, and related visualization techniques. Our work on 3D scene reconstruction is particularly motivated by the latest developments in the field of 3D movie/TV.

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... datasets. In addition to image analysis, he is also working to improve electrophysiology and bioimage data acquisition through microscope automation and development of smart technology. Long's previous work during his postdoc at the Vollum Institute at OHSU included 3D imag...

Provides a laboratory experience for students in organic synthesis and qualitative organic analysis. Part I of II.

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Provides an in-depth analysis of the principles of fire control through utilization of personnel, equipment, and extinguishing agents on the fire ground. (Usually offered in the fall semester.)