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Some doctors may prescribe vitamin E, Potaba® (potassium aminobenzoate), pentoxifylline, tamoxifen, carnitine, colchicine or L-arginine. Scientific studies have been conducted on some of these medications, but there is no conclusive evidence that they are effective.

/ Gualtieri, G.; Toni, A.; Giunti, A.

Verapamil and interferon injections have produced measurable improvement for about half of the patients who have tried them, and some injections may help relieve associated pain. There is no evidence that steroid injections are helpful, and according to the WHO, they may be harmful.

Infectious protein aggregates from the skin of human patients can cause disease in mice.
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Application of Penile Prosthesis Must be Investigated

You should always consult a physician before beginning any treatment plan. Below are brief descriptions of current treatment options for you to review and discuss with your doctor. In many cases of Peyronie's disease, treatment may not be needed.

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Nonsurgical methods of treatment are recommended. If the condition is severe enough, you may want to discuss a surgical option with your physician.

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In this therapy, a shock-wave, typically generated by a spark plug, is passed through the skin and directed at the plaque. Recent studies have not shown any benefit in treating curvature.

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Inflatable penile prostheses are a common treatment for erectile dysfunction that is unresponsive to less-invasive measures. Complications can arise at the time of the placement of the prosthesis or at a later date. Complications may be related to infection and/or mechanical failure of one or more of the prosthesis components including cylinder, reservoir, pump, and tubing. Mechanical failure includes kinking, migration, and aneurysmal dilation of the cylinder, erosion of the tunica albuginea of the corpora cavernosum by the cylinder, disconnection of the tubing, and migration of the reservoir. MRI of the entire components with the cylinders in both flaccid and inflated states is the best imaging modality available to image patients with suspected implant complications.

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Do you have any questions that you have by filling out the contact form below and the closest doctors who wear penile prosthesis to you, penile prosthesis for social insurance? Or cost of treatment, such as treatment centers, the answer depends on the condition of the patient (eg, diabetes, insulin addiction). For this reason, we can help you more quickly about penile prostheses by filling out the form below and asking for your name, e-mail address and phone number. If you send it, we will contact you immediately.

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In the chronic stage, a stable plaque forms and the deformity stabilizes, which may result in erectile dysfunction or loss of penile length. Many urologists prefer to wait at least one year to surgically correct the curvature, to help keep it from returning.